Crime Petrol Serial Review

Crime Petrol is a fast-paced serial mystery set in and around the seedy backstreets of an industrial city. The central characters are three young women working as petrol pump attendants who find themselves involved in investigating strange goings-on after their workplace becomes the site of a multiple murder.In this article we will be taking a … Read more

Bigg Boss Season 2: The Best and Worst Housemates of All Time

Having seen numerous seasons of the show, viewers have come to expect certain things from India’s favorite reality show. From catfights to love triangles and unexpected eliminations, Bigg Boss has it all. Viewers have seen a host of different housemates over the years — some good, some bad, and some ugly! Whether you are a … Read more

Bigg Boss 2: A Post-mortem Examination

Bigg Boss 2 Do you remember the moment when you discovered Santa wasn’t real? Maybe you found that first tooth under your pillow or maybe your parents just came out and told you. Either way, it was a traumatic experience. As a kid, you had spent hours devising ways to trap him so that he … Read more

Nagin Colors TV Serial Episode 1

Nagin is a story about a girl who fought against all odds to get where she stands right now. This show revolves around her and her life after marriage, while making sure to touch upon all the difficulties that an average Indian woman faces. The story follows the journey of Nagina, who is forced to … Read more

Sirf Tum Colors Serial Review: Episode One ‍

  Today, we have a new video series coming your way! But before we get into that, we know that our viewers love to know everything there is to know about their favourite shows. That’s why, in order to keep you updated about all things Colours, we’re introducing a brand-new video series called ‘Sirf Tum … Read more

Parineetii Colors TV Serial Review:Dramatic & Entertaining

Parineetii Chopra plays the lead in Parineetii, a Colors TV drama that brings together romance, rivalry, and reincarnation. Parinetii is a princess with special powers whose soul has been reincarnated as Parineetii. Her love story with Prem begins smoothly but soon has her facing challenges from her evil stepmother and stepsister. There are also some … Read more