Bigg Boss is one of the most popular reality shows in India. In fact, it is so popular among viewers that it has completed 10 successful seasons in just a span of 11 years. Keeping its popularity in mind, Colors also came up with another show called Bigg Boss Tamil and was quite successful.bigg boss 15 The biggest strength of Bigg Boss is that it brings together a bunch of commoners and celebrities to live in the same house for almost 3 months without any contact with the outside world.

Nowhere else in the world will you see these big names stripped off their fame, recognition and privilege and be reduced to nothing more than simple housemates competing for a virtual trophy. The success of Bigg Boss is also because of its numerous controversies that kept raising goosebumbs time and again. This article takes you on a journey through the seven biggest controversies from the first season till date.



Shweta Shah & Sandesh Kulkarni\’s Romance

Shweta Shah was a stand-up comedian and a very popular host on Indian television when Bigg Boss Season 1 was shot. Sandesh Kulkarni was a cricketer who was well known for his temper tantrums. He was also notorious for his off-field controversies.Both of them were the prominent members of the first season of the show. The housemates were put under immense pressure and were actually required to perform. The show was meant to be a game where the contestants compete with each other for a virtual trophy. It was more of a show than a game. The winner gets a cash prize of Rs. 1 crore.The show also featured a group of different people from different fields. The selection was made based on their popularity and the controversies they had been through.

Dented fenders and bruised ego

Sandesh Kulkarni and Oviya\’s romance was one of the most-talked about relationships in the house. However, it was also the most controversial. Oviya was a small-time actress who had always wanted to become a heroine. She had been aspiring to become an actress and was very much in love with her craft.

The first season of Bigg Boss was no different. She was one of the contestants who were in the house and her pairing with Sandesh Kulkarni turned out to be quite controversial.The two were madly in love with each other inside the house and the relationship turned out to be quite controversial. Sandesh Kulkarni, who had been a controversial cricketer and Oviya, who had been a controversial actress, fell in love with each other. The two were secretly dating inside the house.

Inhuman Conditions For The Contestants

There are many people who believe that participating in Bigg Boss is a great opportunity for them to come into the limelight. However, the man behind the show, Vikas Gupta, has killed the dreams of many housemates with his inhuman conditions.The first season of Bigg Boss was known for one of the contestants who was suffering from Insulin Dependent Diabetes and was also on a dialysis machine. The medical condition of the contestant, Rishab Sinha, was not disclosed initially.The contestants were expected to do everything on their own without seeking any help, including bathing in the bathroom. They were expected to do everything by themselves even when they were sick.

Arup-Shimona Scandal

Arup and Shimona were the common lovebirds of the first season of Bigg Boss. They were the contestants who had been in the lime light for most of the time during the season.Arup had been a journalist who had been in the showbiz for some time and had several controversies to his name.The show was plagued with in-house romance and relationships. However, the relationship between Arup and Shimona was the most-talked about relationship of the season.The two were very much in love with each other and their relationship was quite controversial. Arup had been accused of sexually assaulting Shimona. The two were also kicked out of the show for violating the rules.

Kishwer Merchant & Puneesh Sharma Confession

Kishwer Merchant and Puneesh Sharma were the two contestants who were fighting to become the winner of Bigg Boss Season 1. They were the two contestants who were quite popular inside the house and also outside.Puneesh Sharma was a well-known Bollywood actor and had been a contestant on the season.

He was also a very controversial figure. Kishwer Merchant, on the other hand, was a Bollywood actress who had been a very controversial actress.Both the contestants were fighting for the prize money and had been giving their best inside the house. However, the popularity of these contestants had a sudden fall when they announced that they were seeing each other.The lovers had been dating each other inside the house and were living together.

Vikas Gupta And Mayank Baedra\’s Hook Up

Vikas Gupta was the host of the first season of Bigg Boss. He had been a controversial figure himself because of his unethical and immoral behaviour.The host had been caught in a lot of controversies ever since the inception of Bigg Boss. The first season of Bigg Boss was no different.The producers had been trying to keep the host and the contestants away from each other. However, they were caught red-handed while sharing a passionate kiss.

The Bigg Boss host and the Bigg Boss contestant had been dating each other and were in a relationship. They were caught kissing each other passionately inside the house.The public was outraged by the immoral behaviour of the host and contestants. The host and the contestants were kicked out of the show for breaching the rules.

Hina Khan’s Outburst During Bigg Boss Tamil 2nd Day

Hina Khan was the lead actress in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1. She was the host of the show and was contesting against the other contestants to become the winner.The second day of the show was quite controversial because Hina Khan had an out-of-control outburst against the host of the show.The host of the show, Dhanush, was trying to calm down Hina Khan, who had been going crazy inside the house. However, he was unable to control her and had been helpless.Hina Khan’s outburst was aired live on the channel and was one of the most controversial episodes of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1. It was also one of the biggest controversies of Bigg Boss.


Bigg Boss has been a show that has been controversial right from the start. This has helped the show gain attention and increase its ratings. While some of the controversies have helped the show, some have also hurt it.The show has been successful enough to get two seasons in Tamil and one in Telugu. With each season, the show has gathered more attention and has become more and more controversial. If the show continues to remain as controversial, it is sure to continue for many more seasons.

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