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Court Room 23rd March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Court Room 23rd March 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Court Room 23 March 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Court Room full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Gangadhar coming to the stable and sees his horse having a wound. He asks the caretaker, what happened to his horse overnight as it was fine yesterday. Janki sees that and recalls getting her Sevika leaving big rats to harm the horse. She tells Ross that he got the half victory and will get another tomorrow. Ross says we are partners in betrayal game. Janki thinks she will play this game until she succeeds and becomes Maharani and sit on the singhasan. Gangadhar looks at his wounded horse with rat bites. Caretaker tells that they shall kill the horse. Gangadhar says no and asks him to get horse treated till his last breath.

Court Room 23rd March 2019

He says this horse is dear to him. Gangadhar sees Manu’s horse and asks about it. Caretaker says it is from Bhitoor. Gangadhar says I will ride on this horse for today’s race. Manu thinks where is Maharaj and come to the stable. She asks the caretaker about maharaj. Caretaker says maharaj went to get ready for the game. Manu thinks how to talk to him. Caretaker tells her that I will give your message to him as I will be taking this horse to him. Manu asks if Maharaj chose my horse? Caretaker says yes. Manu says I will make it ready and will take him to maharaj. She tells that she will do Tilak of her horse and swears that they will win and get back the 11 villagers which britishers have snatched and says they will ruin their plans.

Court Room 23 March

Janki tells Ross that he has to make Maharaj lose. Ross says I am feeling bad for him as he is afterall my friend. Janki says I am ready for entertainment. Ross says today will be double entertainment as governor general is here as chief guest and we will present him with 11 more villages. She asks her to tell how much maharaj can count? Janki says how it will affect him? Ross says he will make so many goals so that he forgets the counting. Manu comes to meet Gangadhar at the play ground. The british soldier stops her and says you can’t meet him as you are not wearing Polo shoes. Manu insists to meet him. Ross hears her and comes out of his tent. He tries to see her face. Janki hears her and comes out. She says maharaj is getting ready for game. Manu says this is betrayal game and says it is foreigners trick to get 11 more villages. Janki is shocked and asks who told you. Manu says I heard it myself and says these words were bursting from their words, I heard them planning. Janki thinks I have to stop your feet. She says I will tell truth to Maharaj. Manu thanks her. Janki asks her not to tell others as enemies must be around. Manu says you have seen how this british act to be friends and betraying at back. Janki thinks if she has chosen the wrong girl. She goes to tent. Gangadhar calls Janki as Vahini Saheb. Manu comes inside the tent. Gangadhar thinks of her as Janki and asks her to give his kamar bandh.

Court Room 23 March 2019

Manu helps him, trying to see his face. Gangadhar says if you help me then I will reach on time. Manu sees his face in the mirror. Gangadhar tells that he will win this time and will defeat britishers. They will know that I can play their game better than them. He goes without seeing her. Manu thinks he loves his Jhansi. Janki comes there and asks Manu what did you tell him? Manu says I couldn’t tell him anything. She comes out of the tent. Kashi asks why didn’t you tell Maharaj? Manu says I didn’t get the chance. Kashi says Janki will talk to maharaj surely. Announcement is made that whoever wins will get the wished prize. Manu thinks Aai Saheb couldn’t have told him. Ross tells his men that they as a team are superior. They must win as governor is guest of honor and knows that we are fighting for those villagers.

He says we must make the defeat the opposition. Janki asks Gangadhar to have curd and sugar and tells that she prays for his success. Gangadhar tells that he will win this time. Janki says just play the game safely. Gangadhar says your blessings are with me then why to get scared. He leaves. Janki thinks I trust just myself in this betrayal game. She sits down to see the match. Manu tries to talk to her. Janki signs her to sit. Manu thinks I was worrying uselessly. Gangadhar sees Tilak on horse’s forehead and calls him friend asking him to come. Ross also sits on his horse. Kashi is about to sit down. Manu asks Kashi to sit at back seats. Kashi sits down.

Governor comes there and gives his best wishes to the teams. Ross says all the best Maharaj. Gangadhar says same. Ross says we will win but, and will think you as our enemy. Gangadhar says even I will use all my power to win this game. Ross tells that he asked his star player to sit and see the match, just for our friendship. Manu thinks what Aai Saheb has thought. The commentator tells about the game rules. Ross wins the toss and chooses the side to play. Manu tells Janki that game has started. Janki says I told him and we shall respect his decision. Manu says but..Janki asks her to sit at her place.

Court Room 23rd March 2019

Janki thinks why Manu wants to interfere and is troubling her. Jack tells that if he had played, then he would have made so many goals that Maharaj would have been defeated infront of would be maharani. Ross and Gangadhar make 1 and 1 goal each. Manu claps and gets happy for Gangadhar’s victory. Gangadhar tells the horse that he plays good game. Manu tells that britishers’ dream will be a dream. Gangadhar tells Ross that Polo is the game for the kings. Ross asks did you forget your last three defeats. Gangadhar says no, that defeat will make us reach victory. Manu tells kashi that Maharaj will win and then I will ask him to get 11 villages back.

She tells that their aim is to get the homeless persons get their houses back. Gangadhar is playing nicely and makes another goal. Manu claps. Janki is forced to claps, although she is upset and worried. Manu smiles and says she wants to see britishers’ sad faces. Janki is upset. Commentator tells that both teams will go to their tents and rest for 5 mins. Ross asks Janki, how can Gangadhar play nicely and how that steadfast horse came. He asks Janki to give cocaine large amount to Gangadhar and says I need to win this game, and threatens saying if he loses then he will expose her real face infront of all. Janki asks what do you think I am responsible and says I helped you and you are threatening me. Ross says they shall not win. Janki says I sent my Dasi with the special juice, once he drinks it, he will lost his courage and consciousness. She comes to Gangadhar and praises him for his marvelous performance. She gives him sherbet to drink. Gangadhar is about to drink.

Court Room 23rd March 2019

PRECAP- Court Room 23rd March 2019 Written Episode Update Gangadhar falls down from his horse. Manu gets up calling him. She runs and sits on her horse and makes goals to defeat britishers.