Dance Deewane is back with a bang and this time it’s going to be bigger than ever before. The show has got a new team of judges, with Anya Achanta and Shoomy Chaudhary being replaced by Akira, RimEND, and Sanchari. The show will also have a whole new set of contestants who will compete at auditions for the final spots in the show. The first season of Dance Deewane was very successful in terms of viewership and it managed to gain a lot of popularity in such a short amount of time. The show not only showcases raw talent but also highlights the journey that these contestants take from being beginners to experts — something which all of us can relate to. So, here is our review of Dance DeeWane Season 2:

Who Can Apply for Dance Deewane Season 2?


Anybody between the ages of 15-25 who have a passion for dancing and have some dance experience can apply this time around. You do not need to be in a dance school to apply. You can also be a part-time dancer, a college student, or someone who works full-time and loves dancing in their free time. There are no restrictions on which dance form you want to perform.You do not need to be an expert but you should have a passion for dancing. You should have the ability to showcase your emotions through your dance and the urge to constantly improve yourself as a dancer. You should also be able to take constructive criticism and learn from it.There is a huge chance that you will make it to the next round if you are a complete beginner but if you are someone who has been practising for some time, you can also try your luck.

Judges’ Names and Their Expertise

RimEND – A former Jia Aur Jia judge, RimEND is a well-known choreographer and a brilliant dance instructor. He is the founder of Dance Band, a dance academy in Delhi. He has also trained dancers like Shraddha Pandit and Pranay Narayan.He has also worked as a judge on Dance India Dance (Season 6 and Season 7), Dance Premier League Season 1 & 2, and Dance Deewane Season 1.RimEND is known for his brutal honesty and he has been quite an inspiration for many dancers who have been part of this show.Akira – She has been part of the India’s Got Talent and The Voice India (Season 1 and 2) panel. She is a Bollywood choreographer and has worked with big names like Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif.Akira has been a very inspiring judge on all the shows that she has been a part of. She is known for her constructive criticism and excellent teaching abilities.

New Auditions Process and Venue Change

The auditions will be held in three cities — Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. You will have to choose the city where you want to audition. You can register at the venue on the date of auditions.The selection process has also changed. The audition process will be more thorough than ever before. You will first have to go through a registration round where you will have to perform in front of a panel of experts. After that, the selected contestants will have to go through a short workshop where they will get to know about the show and the expectations from them.The selected contestants will be called for the main audition round where they will be asked to perform a specific dance form.

The Show’s Format Will Remain the Same

The format of the show will remain the same. In each episode, we will have mentors guiding the contestants, guest appearances from Bollywood celebrities, and a judging panel who will provide their feedback and constructive criticism to the contestants.You will also have access to expert dance trainers and coaches — something which is essential for anyone who wants to become a professional dancer. The mentors will help you with your performance, they will guide you with your performance, they will give you feedback on your performance, and they will also provide you with tips and tricks that will help you improve as a dancer. The mentors will also help you with your costumes and make-up, so don’t worry.

Pros of Dance Deewane Season 2

The biggest advantage of Dance Deewane Season 2 is that the show has been on air for more than a year now which gives you ample time to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself as a dancer.The show is quite helpful if you are new to the world of dance and you want to learn everything from scratch. You will be able to learn a lot from the mentors and you will also be able to meet and interact with professional dancers like Pranay Narayan and Shraddha Pandit.The show provides you with an opportunity to perform in front of a large audience and if everything goes well, you might even get a chance to perform with your favourite Bollywood celebrity.

Cons of Dance Deewane Season 2

The biggest disadvantage of Dance Deewane is that it is a dance reality show and you have to compete against other contestants. The show is great for learning but it is a completely different ball game when it comes to performing.There are many contestants who are excellent dancers but they do not get a chance to perform in front of a large audience because the show only showcases a few contestants every season.The show is also very competitive and there is a chance that you might not make it to the top 12 contestants and you might have to go back home empty-handed.

Final Words

The show is great for dance lovers and if you are a complete beginner, you will be able to learn a lot from the mentors. If you have been practising dance for some time, the show is still a great platform to showcase your talent.If you have a passion for dancing and you want to become a professional dancer, this is one of the best platforms to start with. You will be able to meet and interact with some of the best dancers in the country and you will also be able to improve your dancing skills by a huge margin.

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