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Dil To Happy Hai Ji 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Dil To Happy Hai Ji 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Dil To Happy Hai Ji 17 May 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Dil To Happy Hai Ji full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in

The Episode starts with Happy asking the staff to make a hangover ease drink for Rocky. The lady says Rocky is lucky to get a friend like you. RV comes and says yes, you both are lucky. Madhu gets food for Rocky. He refuses to eat. She says you may get angry, but I won’t change my decision, I m doing this for your good.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 17th May 2019

Sandhya comes and gets juice for him. He drinks it. He says I don’t deserve Happy’s care. She says I know you well, I would just suggest that don’t get anyone in between, if fate has it in your side, then you both will unite. She says fate can’t get changed. Madhu hears them and gets angry on Sandhya. RV says the way I behaved with you, I crossed the line, I shouldn’t have got close. She says Ranveer’s death made you weak, its better to forget everything and move on.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 17th May

He asks can we go for lunch. She says I trust you, you won’t do this mistake again, we can’t go for lunch, I have much work. Sandhya comes. She says Happy and I have to go to temple, its my wedding anniversary. Happy wishes Sandhya and hugs. RV says I can drop you to temple. Happy says we will manage.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 17 May 2019

Smiley goes to meet her friend. Sandhya tells her love story to Happy. She apologizes to Happy for compelling her to marry Chintu. She asks her to accept Rocky’s love, he has changed. Happy says nothing can happen now. Sandhya says I can see your true love, life is to live, you both are doing a mistake. Someone looks on. They leave from the temple. The person runs after them and pushes Sandhya down the stairs. Happy gets shocked and rushes to help Sandhya. She says who did this. She sees someone running and follows. Sania flees when she gets help. She says Happy almost caught me, I got saved. Happy gets Sandhya home and tells everything. Sandhya asks everyone not to worry. Rocky holds Sandhya and sees Happy.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 17 May

Madhu looks on. Happy says I have seen the attacker’s ring. She recalls Sania. She says it means Sania attacked you. Rocky hears them and leaves. Happy stops him. Madhu asks the matter, why is he angry. He leaves. She asks Happy what did she do now. Happy says let me go, I will tell everything later. Madhu scolds her. Sandhya says let her go, please, Rocky won’t leave Sania. Madhu asks why.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 17th May 2019

Sandhya says I didn’t say that I didn’t slip from stairs, Sania pushed me down the stairs, Rocky heard this and angrily went to kill Sania. Happy runs after Rocky. Anaya recalls RV’s words. She books her flight to Boston. She gets the deal papers between Bhatia and Grover. She says there is something fishy. Bhatia calls Sania and asks where are you, don’t do anything wrong. She says chill, don’t worry. Rocky beats Bhatia. Sania asks who is there. Bhatia says Rocky. She hears Bhatia’s scream.

Precap: Happy runs to save Rocky from the accident. She gets knocked down by the car. Rocky gets shocked.