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Dil To Happy Hai Ji 3th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Dil To Happy Hai Ji 3th June 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Dil To Happy Hai Ji 3 June 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Dil To Happy Hai Ji full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 3th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in

The Episode starts with Happy crying and being troubled by the jailmates. Sandhya, Grover and RV come to meet Happy. RV says I will get you out of here, don’t worry. Smiley calls Sandhya and asks where are you. Sandhya says we will come soon. Happy asks Sandhya is Kulwant fine. Sandhya says he has slipped in coma. Happy gets shocked. She sits sad and prays for Kulwant. Rocky sees Kulwant and cries.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 3th June 2019

Smiley says Happy will be more stressed hearing about Kulwant, you are asking me to lie to Rocky. Sandhya says he is already worried, have food. She worries for Happy. The jail mates attack Happy. Constables take them out. Happy cries and wishes to get free. Constable comes to take her. RV says Bhatia is real culprit, Happy is innocent. Happy comes. RV says look at her state, release her right now. Bhatia says sorry, I have trapped Happy. RV recalls dealing with Bhatia and asking him to do his work, if he wants Sania free.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 3th June

Inspector asks Happy do you want to file case on this man. Happy signs no. She says I want go home. RV asks how were you leaving the country and going, I can’t live without you, tell me. She recalls Rocky and RV’s words. She nods. They come home. Sandhya hugs Happy. She thanks RV for doing this favor. He says don’t thank me, I can do anything for Happy, I will meet you later. Happy stops him and says I have taken a decision for myself, I want to do the right, you have always done a lot for me, I want to spend my life with you, I want to marry you. He gets surprised. Sandhya is shocked. Happy asks will you marry me. He asks are you joking, you really want to marry me, I can’t believe this.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 3 June 2019

Sandhya asks her to think again. Happy says I have thought well, I want to settle down and have a family, I m upset with Madhu and Biji’s words, I want to get away from this family, I will break down by more insult, self respect is everyone’s right, I want to be with a person who values me, who loves me. She says marriage can’t be done without love, you don’t love me. RV says yes, I will always love you, it will be right if the feelings are same from both the sides, are you sure you will be happy marrying me. Happy says I m going to take a right decision, I m happy. Happy says my dad used to say, choose the one who loves you, I know you love me a lot and can do anything for me, right RV? Will we stay happy in this marriage? RV says there can’t be a bigger news than this, I will marry you, I m so happy, I should propose you well, I should get a ring, we will marry at a beautiful place.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 3 June

She says sorry, I want a simple marriage, we can keep the ceremony at our hotel, I don’t want to delay more, I want to marry you today. He says I will do all the arrangements. He thinks Happy is mine now. Smiley says mum looked stressed in the morning. Rocky gets thinking. Sandhya asks Happy what about Rocky. Happy packs her bags. Rocky calls Sandhya. Happy disconnects the call. Happy says its no use to talk to him now. Sandhya says you don’t love RV. Happy says I m doing the right thing. Babbi calls Rocky and says I got to know about Happy’s arrest, sorry, how is she now. Rocky gets shocked. Sandhya says you don’t love RV, this marriage is wrong. Happy says my feelings didn’t matter to you when I married Chintu. She argues.

Precap: Dil To Happy Hai Ji 3th June 2019 Written Episode Update Rocky says you can’t marry RV. He beats up RV. RV says you will die today Rocky.