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Dil To Happy Hai Ji 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Dil To Happy Hai Ji 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Dil To Happy Hai Ji 7 February 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Dil To Happy Hai Ji full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Rocky dancing with Happy and torturing her. He says Lord has sent me to punish you for ruining Chintu’s life, I will balance everything, I will make everything fine by magic. She kicks him and runs to open the door. She finds it locked and knocks. He smiles and says this door will never open. She shouts stop harassing me. He stares at her. Biji and everyone come home. Biji asks Madhu to go inside, she has some work. Madhu tries to ask. Biji doesn’t say and goes. Sandhya goes to find Happy with Chintu. Pratap says we will have sleepless night today. He says Kulwant is still here. Rocky troubles Happy. He says I don’t believe in forcing, I will never degrade myself by touching you, you are cheap, you aren’t of my class. She says I didn’t wish to do this marriage,

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 7th February 2019

I had run away from roka, I got a job, but you kidnapped me. He says my mom and Biji are worried because of you, tell these stories to everyone else, why did you wait for Roka if you didn’t had to marry, I had sent that fake job letter for you, I won’t let this marriage happen, I m clear with my intention, I want to destroy you, your ego and everything. Someone knocks the door. Happy shouts help. Chintu says no one has seen Happy, how did she go, we should inform police and find her location. Sandhya says Happy doesn’t know how lucky she is to have you in her life, she didn’t value you, I m sorry.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 7 February 2019

Biji comes to meet Rocky and sees Happy tied up. Rocky says she didn’t leave any option for me, no matter how much dad scolds me, I can’t let my family suffer. Biji asks why are her clothes torn. Happy thinks Biji is with Rocky in this. Biji takes Rocky aside and asks did you molest that girl. Rocky says no, I swear I didn’t even touch her, I never force any girl, I fulfilled my promise and stopped Chintu’s marriage. She says lets have a drink. Pratap says you didn’t find her. Sandhya cries. Biji says I m going to manage at the house. She goes. Rocky checks the door again and sees his uncle. He says I have your plan work. Sandhya cries for Happy.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji

Rocky says you know Happy’s mom, why did you agree to trouble them. Bhatia says Sania likes you a lot, I can do this for you, Happy’s dad Raj was my very good friend, when friends become foes, enmity becomes more stronger than friendship, never give Sania the chance to become your enemy. Rocky says don’t worry, she is my buddy, everything is in control, like you have told me. Pratap apologizes to Chintu. Rocky pushes her out of the car. She falls on the road. He flees. Everyone gets shocked seeing Happy’s state and run to her. They see Happy and worry.

Pratap’s wife insults her. Sandhya asks what happened with you, tell me. Chintu says Happy… She gets angry. Pratap says Happy is responsible for this, no need to show any sympathy to her. He sends his children inside. Kulwant says we shall leave now Chintu. Chintu says its extremely bad, I m sorry. Happy shouts no Chintu, why are you apologizing because you will help me in stopping this roka, or you will ask your parents to cancel this marriage, you want me to get married and suffer. She says answer me, tell me, did I come and plead you that I love you immensely and ask you to do a favor to marry me, did I tell you, I told you that I wanted to marry you, I said that under compulsion, because my mum and sister were in trouble.

Pratap asks what rubbish are you saying. Kulfi says no, I was trying to escape from this marriage, what harm did I cause that your brother behaved so cruelly with me, answer me. Everyone gets shocked. Chintu says Rocky can’t do this. She says Rocky has done this, I ran away from Rocky, he kidnapped me and tortured me so badly, he almost killed me, Rocky was not alone, your Biji was involved in it. They get shocked. Happy says she had come at night, I saw her, Rocky tied me, she didn’t say anything, she left me there and didn’t help. She cries. Kulwant gets angry.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 8 February 2019

Precap: Dil To Happy Hai Ji 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update Biji says everything is ruined Rocky. Rocky tells her what to do. Pratap throws out Happy from her house. Happy and her family leaves.