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Divya Drishti 23rd March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Divya Drishti 23rd March 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Divya Drishti 23 March 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Divya Drishti full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Divya Drishti 23rd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on http://apnetv.co.in

Mahima is welcoming guests. Mr. Randhawa comes there. He says I have an urgent work. I will leave soon. Rakshat comes there. Chachi’s daughters come there and try to flirt with Randhawa. Drishti comes there and looks at Randhawa. Rakshat gets call from Randhawa’s office, he asks why they are calling me? Randhawa says my phone died so they might be calling you, he takes phone from him. He goes and takes call. Randhawa’s PA says he will be late so can we shift meeting? Randhawa says sure I am fine with that.

Divya Drishti 23rd March 2019

Rakshat is ready in party. Drishti comes there all ready, Rakshat cant look away. Mahima thanks her for taking time out. Witch Shantani enters party and smirks.
Lava sits in party with Rakshat. Shantani looks around and says where are troubles. Divya comes
there too and thinks I will see how she does without a ring. Randhawa thinks I have ring, lets go. Tejeswani (Rakshat’s chachi) stops him and says my girls like you, whom do you choose from them?
Mahima asks Dristi to bring rings. Drishti looks at Rakshat, she says you are again looking at me. He says your earring is missing, she finds it on floor. Drishti thinks that such big businessman came here to steal the ring?

Divya Drishti 23rd March

Divya looks at Shantani and greets her. All open box and find ring missing. Lava says where is ring? She goes to check. Drishti points at Randhawa and says he stole it. Randhawa says how dare she point at me. Rakshat says whats in your pocket? They find ring box in his pocket. Rakshat opens box but its missing. Drishti says he must have it. Randhawa says I just brought his box as a gift. Chachi says lets start searching everyone. Divya thinks where to hide it? Divya flies ring from one place to another. Shantani sees it and thinks that who is doing magic here? those girls are here. Divya puts ring in Rakshat’s pocket with magic. Rakshat checks his pocket and finds ring. Rakshat says I am sorry everyone.

Divya Drishti 23 March 2019

They call Lava. Shantani says I have to bring out magician’s truth here. Rakshat is about to make Lava wear the ring. He gets call and gives it to Drishti. She takes call, its Randhawa’s PA who says that he will meet Rakshat tomorrow instead of today, she is stunned. Suddenly Shantani sits on chandelier and makes storm there, all start falling around and things break. Fire starts too. Shantani says I will find magician here. Drishti gets stuck in fire. Rakshat saves her and says are you mad? why didnt you move away from fire? Drishti is falling down. Rakshat supports her. Rakshat goes to help Mahima. One chandilier is about to fall on Drishti but Divya stops it. Drishti sees future in which Divya is drowning in water. She says something wrong is happening.

Divya Drishti 23 March

Divya goes to poolside and falls inside. She starts drowning, some guy jumps in and saves her. He asks if she is fine? She nods and leaves. Shekhar says I am the best.
Shantani glares at people.
Drishti moves closer to Divya. Divya’s hand starts blazing, she says it happens when Drishti is near me, it means she is here. Shantani makes a pillar about to fall down. She says magician will do magic. Divya hides and uses her powers to stop pillar from falling down. Shantani sees power coming from behind table and tries to go to that person but people are inbetween. She turns around and sees Divya’s face.

Divya Drishti

Shantani says her hands were blazing and she was doing magic easily. I found it, thats why my magic didnt work earlier. But they were two, where is other one? I will find her too, once I join them then I will get my power and become a queen of this world. She gets dressed and says I will be queen of queens. She wears a crown and says now I like maha queen. She calls scorpio. He says what if first one runs away before we find another one? She says you dont know my plan.

Divya says to Drishti that dont know how storm started suddenly. Divya says you challenged me and engagement didnt happen. Drishti says it will happen tomorrow.

Divya Drishti 23 March 2019

Mahima is worried that engagement didnt happen. Rakshat says dont worry, what you want will happen. She nods and leaves. His offiver says that Randhawa was fake today. Rakshat recalls how Drishti said same thing.
Divya and Drishti are fighting over bathroom. Divya says I will take bath first. She throws foam on Drishti and laughs. They both start playing like they used to do in childhood. divya uses her powers too. Drishti is about to hold her nose but stops. They recall childhood. Drishti says leave. Divya says I always win. Drishti leaves. She opens door to find Rakshat. She is covered in foam. Rakshat asks what is all this?

Lava wears nightie and goes out to find Rakshat.
Rakshat says to Drishti what is all this? Drishti’s eyes start burning, he pulls her closer and wipes her tears. Rakshat says dont say I am starting again. Drishti falls down and pulls him too. He asks if she is fine? Drishti sees earring in his pocket and says you had it? Rakshat says I saved you from fire so it might have stuck at that time. Divya comes out and sees them. Rakshat moves back. Drishti says I told you Randhawa was fake one. Rakshat leaves. Divya says you want me to be away from Rakshat and trying do your setting? he is mine only. Drishti says psycho.

Precap: Priest says to Mahima that your son’s fate has death soon, you have to marry him to a girl with powers. Rakshat says to Lava’s father that I cant marry Lava, I have to make something right. He looks at Drishti and says I will marry her, all are stunned.