Facts About CBS

Facts About CBS

If you are curious about what CBS has to offer, there are several facts about CBS that you may be interested to learn. For example, CBS was the first network to broadcast pregame shows before football games, and its daytime schedule is the longest among the major networks. In addition, CBS provides non-sponsored sports programming at no cost to its viewers. This article is all about Facts About CBS.

Facts About CBS No1: CBS was the first network to broadcast a pregame show.

In the 1960s, CBS was the first network to broadcast a game-day pregame show. The show was one-half broadcast, with one half called by the commentators for the home team and the other half for the guest team. This format was eventually phased out, but the CBS team continued to broadcast the program for most games.

In the early 1970s, CBS used different themes for each broadcast crew. Their pregame show featured a marching band that played the song Confidence, which was adapted from the score of the Off-Broadway musical The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by Leon Carr.

Pregame shows are a tradition in the NFL. Pregame shows are designed to inform viewers about any delayed or postponed games. The network also begins its primetime schedule in the evening on days when games are at 4:25 p.m.

Facts About CBS No2: A pregame show first appeared on CBS during the 1968 Western Conference championship game. 

The broadcast began three minutes before halftime and lasted 17 minutes. When CBS reverted to their football coverage, they played highlights of the action they missed. The show was heavily criticized. It is believed that CBS received 3,000 complaints after that broadcast.

In addition to pregame shows, the NFL on CBS is the first network to broadcast pregame coverage before a game. Prior to the league’s first season, CBS assigned a crew to each team. It also aired some games in various markets until 1993. The network broadcast most of the games to the National Football Conference, but Fox took over the broadcast television contract in 1993. CBS game coverage also includes the pregame show, The NFL Today. It also includes an analysis of the game.

Facts About CBS No3: CBS has the longest daylight schedule among the major networks

CBS has the longest schedule of the day compared to all the major networks, with an average of 4+1/2 hours of programming. Its lineup includes popular shows like The Price Is Right and Let’s Make a Deal. Price Is Right has been on the air for 35 years and is the longest-running game show on network television.

Another notable addition to CBS’s daytime lineup is the two-day soap opera that airs each week. The Young and the Restless is the longest-running soap opera on the network. Its latest season will feature a new logo, and it will be crossed with The Bold and the Beautiful.

CBS Daytime is run by several people. From 1963 to 1970, Fred Silverman served as Vice President of Daytime. 

During his tenure, he canceled the in-house soaps and relaunched Love of Life and The Price Is Right in an updated version. This change resulted in CBS’s longest program of the day among the major networks. In addition to relaunching popular series such as The Price Is Right, Silverman also worked with Amy Riesbach to revamp the network’s overall structure.

Facts About CBS

Another long-running program on CBS is Young People’s Concerts. Among the productions were stars such as Edward Viella, Patricia McBride and Melissa Hayden. The broadcast was broadcast live in color. The program became a classic on television.

Facts About CBS No4: It offers non-sponsored programming at no cost

CBS is the only major network that offers non-sponsored programming at no cost. However, it is dependent on the market to earn its profits. CBS stock was at stake, and Paley responded to complaints about the CBS show, saying that his job was to raise the stock price. He told top colleagues in high-level meetings that he wanted to increase profits by 15 percent every year. As a result, he began to cut into experimental plays and documentaries.

Under Lilienthal, CBS was under pressure from Congress to resign. Murrow was in an unusually dark mood when he met Lilienthal, discussing the pressures that had accumulated against him in the broadcasting world. He was also talking about the fact that his contract with CBS was binding for several years.

Facts About CBS No5: It provides game programming at no cost

You’ll only pay $5.99 per month for a dedicated streaming service for CBS programming. However, the service is limited in what it offers and is best used as a supplemental service or as a complement to a more comprehensive sports streaming service. While its game offerings are good, you won’t find any games from rival networks.

For those with Hulu, you can subscribe to CBS Sports HQ. This is the cheapest way to watch live CBS sports, and you can also access local sports channels. Another option is fuboTV, which has over 130 channels and offers a without charge 7-day trial.

Facts About CBS No6: Paramount Plus is another streaming service that provides sports content.

It’s also a good option, as it includes CBS Sports Headquarters, which streams sports content 24 hours a day. Paramount Plus also has an app that lets you follow live scores from most pro sports leagues. You can also watch select programs on demand. You can also watch PGA Tour events as well as Davis Cup and World Team Tennis.

CBS All Access offers two different subscription plans: one with limited ads and the other with commercial-free access. The Limited Commercial plan costs $5.99 per month, and the Commercial-Free plan costs $9.99 per month. Both plans provide access to on-demand content without ads. If you’re not interested in commercials, you can still watch CBS Sports Network for free.

It Offers a Long Weekend Program

With late NFL games spread over the weekend, CBS doesn’t have to scramble to fit its entire schedule into a span of five days. The network’s Thursday lineup includes “Young Sheldon,” “Ghosts,” and “The Big Bang Theory.” In addition to the above shows, CBS also airs “So Help Me Todd” at 9 p.m., which will be a great lead-in for the new series “The Mentalist.” On Sundays, CBS is hosting a neo-Sherlock Holmes procession called “Elementary.” And on Thursday, CBS will shift “CSI: Vegas” to Thursday at 10 p.m.


In conclusion, CBS is a large and powerful broadcaster with a lot of history. They have a wide range of programming, including some famous shows like The Simpsons and The Voice. They also have a large audience, which can be seen in their ratings. To stay ahead of the competition, CBS must continue to invest in new programming and improve its marketing efforts.