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Gathbandhan 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Gathbandhan 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Gathbandhan 10 April 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Gathbandhan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Gathbandhan 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
Dhanak says to Raghu that you cant drink wine now or ever, these promises have become part of your life. Raghu says sorry I cant ever act, I am telling you to leave me, I cant live in guilt. Dhanak says okay I will leave but put hand on heart and say that leave Dhanak. Raghu puts hand on his heart and says I want.. I.. He looks away and cries. Dhanak wipes her tears and smiles at him. She runs and hugs him.

Gathbandhan 10th April 2019

Raghu hugs her tightly. Tere naam plays. Dhanak looks at him and wipes his tears. Raghu smiles and says what about your dream? I want to see you in that uniform, find someway that you live with me and become an IPS. Dhanak says I have to clean dirt in my house before working for society and it will start by changing Mai. Mai comes in chawl and dances with all. Raghu thinks she has gone mad.

Gathbandhan 10th April

He laughs and says you are not joking? Dhanak says you have to fulfill your promises to take care of family, I think only you can change her. Raghu says I cant do that. Mai points gun at them and says they are Tom and Jerry. Dhanak is Tom and oneday she will get her jerry. Raghu says to Dhanak that you cant do this. Dhanak says fine then leave my dream, it doesnt matter to you. She tries to leave from there, Raghu tries to stop but she leaves.

Gathbandhan 10 April 2019

Dhanak comes to room and lies down to sleep. Raghu says I am sorry. Dhanak says you cant let me even dream in sleep? Raghu says wake up, you can make me do anything, you can ask for life but this.. He folds his hands infront of her. Dhanak stops him and says no, I cant see my own people walking on wrong path, she is my Mai too, I want to bring her on right path to make her future fine not because of my IPS dream but you say its not possible. Raghu says dont cry, I know this is difficult but I will do it. Dhanak smiles. Mai comes there and says tomorrow I am going to market to get extortion money, you are useless so I will go myself. She asks Dhanak to not glare at her, we talk like this only, she leaves. Dhanak says you were right, its not easy to work on her. Raghu says only iron can fight iron.

Gathbandhan April 2nd 2019

In morning, Mai comes to market with Bai and Maya but sees all shops closed. They are confused. Mai says its Sunday? Bai says its Monday, someone must have died. Maya takes money from Bai and gives it to auto. Raghu gets call from someone, man says your work is done. Maya tries to call shopkeepers but all have phones switched off. Raghu sees Dhanak throwing away alcohol. Raghu says Mai will be so angry, what will I say? Dhanak says how you made her stop? Raghu says I called them and made them close shops. Mai is standing in hot air and says if Dhanak is behind all this?

Dhanak says to Raghu that great idea but what about tomorrow? Raghu says we will get another idea. Dhanak says great. Raghu thinks to dance with Dhanak. He sees her bringing guns. Raghu smiles at her. Phri le aya dil plays. Dhanak points gun at him, he raises his hands, Dhanak laughs. He turns on fan. Dhanak’s saree is falling down. Raghu tries to shut it off but slips and falls on Dhanak. He caresses her face. Mai comes there and sees them in each others arms.

PRECAP- Bai says alcohol and guns are missing from house. Mai says to Dhanak that you threw away weapons but what about my hands? She tries to strangle her.