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Gathbandhan 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Gathbandhan 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Gathbandhan 12 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Gathbandhan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Savitri Mai comes to Nani’s house and does Dhanak’s tilak, she gives her shagun. All look on.
Raghu says to aslam that I challenged Mai to marry Dhanak, I love her. ASlam says why you are fighting with Mai. Raghu says its about heart, I will fight for that.

Mai says to Dhanak that this is parsad. Dhanak sees Raghu outside. Mai says Raghu is engaging Maya so you all are invited for his wedding. Mahindra says I am excited to meet Raghu. Mai says great and thinks that when Mahindra sees Raghu then he will know he is his kidnapper.

Gathbandhan 12th February 2019

Raghu meets Dhanak. Dhanak says you didnt tell me you are in love. Raghu says I dont want to marry, I love someone else, I tried to tell Mai but I dont know about girl. Dhanak says if you trust your love then confess it to girl. She leaves. Raghu dances around and says thank you. Bai is extorting money from people on call. Mai is arranging for function. Raghu is getting ready. He wears black suit and says now I look good. Aslam makes him wear tie. Raghu says leave that. Aslam leaves. Raghu says I will confess my love to her.

Gathbandhan 12 February 2019

Raghu comes outside Dhanak’s house and says once she says yes then I will convince everyone. In morning, Mai gets call and says to Maya that dont worry, Raghu will marry you only, I am getting Raghu’s portrait so Mahindra can see him.

Raghu has facepack on his face. Maya says he has applied for our wedding today. Raghu says dont say that. Mai says your function is starting soon. Raghu is angry. In chawl, Mai announces everyone to come out. Dhanak’s family comes out too. Mai reveals Raghu and Maya’s portrait. Mahindra sees it and thinks that my kidnapper is Raghu? Dhanak enters chawl. Mahindra is running to her. Dhanak says to him that Mai is forcing Raghu to marry. Mahindra says he kidnapped me. Dhanak is stunned.

Gathbandhan 13 February 2019

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