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Gathbandhan 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Gathbandhan 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Gathbandhan 17 May 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Gathbandhan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Gathbandhan 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
Dhanak recalls Raghu’s words that they forced him to become goon again. Dhanak says this uniform is not wrong, I will prove you innocent using my uniform and then you will trust it. Dhanak comes to market and investigates about Raghu’s case. She sees CCTV there.

Gathbandhan 17th May 2019

Raghu is working in gym, Mai comes there and shows him gun, she says its your gift. Raghu says why? Mai says its your birthday today, she does his aarti. Raghu touches her feet. Mai says I will make spicy food for you from now on, I want my old Raghu back, Raghu says dont be emotional. Mai says you made my life colorful by coming in it. Raghu looks on. Mai says Dhanak left, she loves her work more, she didnt even wish you birthday, dont worry, I am with you. She sings birthday for him. Raghu thinks she didnt even wish me.

Gathbandhan 17th May

Dhanak is looking at file. She checks date and says its Raghu’s birthday. Her collegue Geeta says you can go home. Raghu recalls Dhanak’s words that she will make best recipes on his birthday. Raghu says she forgot everything.

Gathbandhan 17 May 2019

Dhanak meets Sejal and says I didnt wish Raghu birthday. Sejal says then do something special for him. Dhanak gets Raghu’s call. Sejal says pretend like you dont remember it. She takes call and says I am busy, she cuts call. Dhanak says one man can help us. She calls Aslam there. Tawre calls her and says come to station. Dhanak asks Aslam and Sejal to prepare for her surprise, she leaves. Aslam thinks that I dont want to hurt Sejal but I have promised Mai.

Gathbandhan 17th May 2019

Raghu’s birthday celebrations start in chawl. Mai does Raghu’s cardboard’s tilak. Mahindra is waiting for Dhanak. Raghu comes there dressed like a goon. He dances with Mai and Maya. Mai says I have a target for you, she shows him Tawre’s photo and gives him gun. Dhanak runs to chawl dressed in saree. She smiles at Raghu but sees gun in his hand. Raghu aims and shoots at Tawre’s photo. Dhanak is shocked. She runs to him and asks what he is doing? Raghu says you know all are here for my birthday but I was dying to hear a wish from you, Dhanak says you are thinking wrong, Raghu says I thought you will become an officer and we will be happy but I was wrong. He goes to dance with Mai. Dhanak is hurt.

PRECAP- Dhanak kisses Raghu’s forehead and says I wanted to surprise you. She offers him cake but he glares at her and leaves. Dhanak thinks what happened to him.