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Gathbandhan 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Gathbandhan 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Gathbandhan 30 April 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Gathbandhan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Gathbandhan 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
Raghu starts beating goons. He glares at Dhanak and drags them around. He hurts them while Dhanak looks on. Raghu says my wife is Mumbai’s don, she is here and you think you will do this? my wife is educated and today’s don now. Goon asks Dhanak to save them. Dhanak points gun at him and says your drama is done, she shoots near him and says if you do this again then I will shoot. She takes wallet and takes money. She gives it to Raghu but he throws it away and says I was angry because I thought you would calm me. Dhanak says they were not fair to you and you were fighting for your money. Raghu says you changed. He leaves. Dhanak looks at money.

Gathbandhan 30th April 2019

At night, Mai is murmuring in sleep that Dhanak is upto something. Dhanak is leaving house and sees them sleeping. She leaves. Raghu is on terrace and sees Dhanak leaving chawl at night. He follows her. Dhanak looks around but he hides. Dhanak takes auto and arrives at a location. Raghu goes behind her but a policeman points gun at him. Raghu recalls how its same officer which Dhanak killed.

Gathbandhan 30th April

Dhanak is briefing officers, she tells them that all dons have accepted her as their head, our mission is working, they believe that I have joined them. They hear someone but Dhanak turns to see officer bringing Raghu there on gunpoint. He is confused. Officer says he knows everything. Dhanak says only way is that Raghu becomes part of our plan, he always trusted me so I can too but question is if Raghu will be with us? Raghu says this.. Dhanak says its my secret mission. Commissioner says its Dhanak’s biggest mission and she will become an IPS on basis of this, I know you lover her a lot so will you be with us? Raghu is confused and takes Dhanak from there.

Gathbandhan 30 April 2019

Raghu asks Dhanak if she is a don or police officer? Dhanak says police officer. Raghu says thats my Dhanak but what about you killing an officer? Dhanak says it started with Mai asking me to kill, I went to Mahindra and told him everything then I went to my department and told them that I want to change my family but they want me to become a don, you guys helped me with Bablu’s case. Commissioner says its great that they are offering you that case, you can secretly work for us, we will help you but you have to find out who is helping Bablu, if you find out then we will give clean chit to your family and take you back for an IPA officer but if your family is involved then.. Dhanak says I will bring them to you, duty is above everything. Dhanak says to Raghu that to make Savitri believe it, I had to cut-off with Mahindra, I am sorry I didnt tell you before. Raghu says its okay, but Mai cant kill anyone. Dhanak says we will find out Bablu’s right hand man. Dhanak says you cant tell anyone. Raghu says its our secret mission. Dhanak smiles at him.

Gathbandhan April 30th 2019

In morning, Raghu is exercising. Dhanak comes to him and asks why he has appointed goons to come in house, what if they doubt me? Raghu asks her to chill. Dhanak puts weights on his bar. Raghu says I am helping you. Dhanak says you cant decide alone. Raghu drinks water and makes her sit. He says you told me someone is working for Bablu, I asked Ballu to work and he told me that Bablu’s man goes to meet him on Wednesday, today is Wednesday, I have called everyone to house, anyone who doesnt come here today means he went to meet Bablu and is with him. Dhanak says thats a great idea.

PRECAP- Dhanak greets all goons like a don. She says Bablu is our head, we will free him. Mai says you will put everyone in danger for one man? Dhanak says gang will have new rules from now on.