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Gathbandhan 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Gathbandhan 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Gathbandhan 6 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Gathbandhan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Dhanak says to media that Mai will clean this house. She whispers to Mai that you can lose everything now. Bai cries and thinks what will Mai do now. Mai looks around and takes broom. She is about to clean but Raghu comes there and stops her. Raghu shakes his head and says you are queen of this chawl Mai, I am Raghu, Mai’s son. Dhanak thinks he lied to me? Raghu sadly looks at her. Raghu says I will clean this mess, my mom wont do it. Raghu thinks sorry Dhanak. All cheer for Raghu. Raghu start putting water in bucket. Dhanak is hurt and recalls Raghu’s lies. Dhanak finds her mother’s saree wet too and is sad. Mai thanks media for covering their work. Maya flirts with Raghu. Mai says to Dhanak that you have one hour to lose. Media leaves. Mai says to Dhanak that you cant

Gathbandhan 6th February 2019

play with me, I have my son with me, he is always with me. Raghu says lets go. Dhanak says I didnt do anything, I could have forgiven you but you destroy my mother’s saree. You dont care about emotions, your son is with you. Mai says you are arguing with me? She laughs at her. Raghu is hurt. All leave. Raghu leaves too.

Raghu is punching bag. Aslam says you hurt her. Raghu shouts that I had to do it. Dhanak says to Nani that Raghu lied to me. Nani says he is good from heart. Dhanak says he lied to me.
Raghu says to Aslam that I will say sorry to Dhanak. Aslam says what about her father? He says I dont care.

Gathbandhan 6 February 2019

Dhanak recalls her moments with Raghu. She is sad and comes on terrace. Raghu comes there. She glares at him. He holds her hand. Dhanak says leave my hand. Raghu says I am sorry, I did a mistake, I cant see my Mai insulted. Dhanak says my mother’s saree was destroyed too, you lied to me even when I asked, you called me your friend and you cheated? your Mai must be celebrating with you, I trusted you and got hurt, she cries and looks away. Raghu tries to go to her, Dhanak says keep your help with yourself, thank you for opening my eyes, you are nothing for me anymore. Raghu says please give me a chance. Dhanak says there is no hope left, I break all relation with you, she leaves.

At night, Dhanak’s family comes in chawl. Raghu sees them. Mahindra tells Dhanak about seeing his kidnappers in chawl. He says I will get them punished. Dhanak says we will catch them. Nani says he cant even move. Mahindra asks Dhanak if she cried? She says no.

Raghu is sadly sitting on terrace and drinking wine, he looks at Dhanak’s earring and cries. He recalls her harsh words. Aslam stops him from drinking. Raghu says she left, she called me a cheater, Raghu says she didnt see my truth, he cries and looks at her earring. Raghu says I wanted to give them back on right time but I wont get it now. Aslam hugs him. Raghu says I wont ever get her now. I miss her. In morning, Mai sees Dhanak drying her mother’s saree and thinks today I will show her my colors.

Gathbandhan 7 February 2019

PRECAP- Gathbandhan 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update Mai says to Dhanak that world is a bad place. She puts her mother’s place on fire.