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Gathbandhan 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Gathbandhan 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Gathbandhan 7 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Gathbandhan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Mai looks at Dhanak drying her mother’s saree. she says today I will show how bad world is. She puts cloth on fire, ties it to rope and throws it at her mother’s saree. It catches fire and starts burning. All scream. Dhanak comes out and cries. Raghu hears her scream. Dhanak says Maa.. She runs to saree and cries. Family stops her. Mai says game is on. Maya smirks. Dhanak cries. Raghu looks at her and tries to go but Aslam stops him. Raghu says she is calling for me, I have to console her. Aslam says her family is with her. Mai laughs and sings infront of Dhanak. Dhanak says how can you do that? it was my mother’s last memory. Sejal says its useless. Dhanak says this woman have no humanity. Mai says you came here, Dhanak says I will remember this, it wont end till I make you realize of your mistake. Sejal takes her from there. Mai says to Bai that Raghu has to be part of pooja today.

Gathbandhan 7th February 2019

Dhanak says to Mahindra that she did this. Mahindra says you cant bring it back, its a thing, dont be angry. Dhanak says I wont cry. She shows him mother’s comb and says why do you have it still if these are just things? these are memories, lets burn our memories. Mahindra says I am sorry. Dhanak cries and says dont say sorry. Mahindra says no one can take Maa’s place. Preeti says Dhanak have raised us like mother. All family member hug her.

Mai says to Bai that I am queen here, that Dhanak have to accept it.

Gathbandhan 7 February 2019

Raghu comes to Nani’s house and says I am sorry on Mai’s behalf, I have been trying to say sorry to Dhanak, please say my sorry to her. Nani says go to her and pacify her. Raghu comes on terrace and sees Dhanak there. He sits on knees and holds his ears. Dhanak looks away. Raghu says I am sorry, I will do anything. Dhanak says friends care about each other, you did all this with your mother, you and your Mai dont care about others emotions. Raghu puts box in her hands and says you wont listen to me. Dhanak throws box away without looking at it. Raghu sadly leaves from there.

Nani comes to Dhanak and shows her mother’s earrings to her. Nani says Raghu came here to give those to you, he wanted to say sorry. She gives his letter. It says that I am sorry, I thought to make you happy with these earrings but you didnt listen to me. Nani says he is not wrong. Raghu is sadly lying and drinking in his gym. Dhanak comes there and stops him. Raghu says I have only drink now to sleep. Dhanak says I am sorry. She shows him earrings and says I am sorry.

Gathbandhan 8 February 2019

PRECAP- Gathbandhan 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update Bai says to Mai that I saw Raghu and Dhanak near each other. Mai asks whats the matter? Raghu says I like her, I will marry her and make her your daughter in law. Mai gets angry and shoots in air. Mahindra get sketch artists to make sketch of his kidnapper. Dhanak looks at it and its Raghu’s sketch.