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Ishqbaaz 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Ishqbaaz 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Ishqbaaz 4 June 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Ishqbaaz full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Shivaay is calling out Anika to come and have breakfast.She comes near dinning table and gets surprised:

-Wow,so many items?East,west,north,south,whole country is present on the table.
-Did you like the surprise?
-Absolutely.After all my husband cooked,for me.Thank you so much Shivaay.

-Let’s sit and eat then?
-I can’t wait.
They sit down to have breakfast.Shivaay says while eating:

-Our wedding preparation is going to start from next week.You have to be shifted in Trivedi Villa as I know Dadi won’t let us stay together until the wedding gets solemnized.They are going to come in two,three days.Anika laughs.

Ishqbaaz 4th June 2019

-It’s a ritual you know.Bride and Groom have to stay away.But I am sure you will figure out something to deal with this problem,without breaking the rules!She laughs again.
-Only you can laugh on my misery Anika.

-Our family members are going to arrive soon.Sunflower Petals will be your in-law.Barat will go out from here.
-You could have chosen Mumbai too.I can travel now as doctor finally gave permission.Why you decided to get married in Delhi Shivaay?

-I want to give you a grand welcome in Oberoi Mansion.When you will put the first step inside the house being the eldest daughter-in-law of Oberoi khandan and my wife,that moment should be wonderful and memorable and I will make sure of it.
-I really don’t know what you are going to do Shivaay.
-Just wait and watch.Shivaay does his hair flick.They both laugh.He says again-

-I have a meeting today.Finishing that I will come and pick you up from your office.
-Are you planning a day out of ours?

Ishqbaaz 4 June 2019

-There is something I want you to know.We are going to start a new life and I don’t want to start it on the basis of some manipulated facts.And…….Shivaay could not finish as a house staff comes and informs that a courier boy has come.
Anika’s phone rings and she leaves to receive it.Shivaay comes in the hall.Courier boy departs taking the sign from him.

A big flower bouquet has been sent.An envelop is stuck in it.Opening it Shivaay finds a note.He starts reading:

I know you are done with me.Don’t worry,won’t take much time.
You and Anika are going to get married and I am really happy for both of you.
All I want to say that don’t forget she has lost her memory.Before that she had a different life and you did not belong there.
So,before moving ahead,do take a look at the past and clear those unsolved issues for you and Anika’s sake.

Ishqbaaz 4th June

I think Anika deserves that.
Congratulations to both of you.Have a happy married life.


Shivaay takes another look at the note in his hand then says in his mind:

“I must appreciate your timing Sagar.Well done.But you don’t know Shivaay Singh Oberoi yet.He knows what he needs to do….”

Anika comes there and asks:

-What happened?Why are you smiling that SSO special smile?
-Just like that.
-This bouquet…..

-One of your friends has sent.

Ishqbaaz 4 June


-Sagar…..That person whom you asked me about?
-Yeah same.
-Mm…Have to meet him.

-He is invited by the way.
-That’s great.
-Are you ready to leave for the office?

-Yes..One second,you wanted to tell something.
-Will tell you when you and me meet,again.Anika leans on Shivaay’s shoulder and says:

-I am not feeling like going Shivaay.
-Even me too is not interested in sending you to office.But you have to wind up your work na,before our marriage?You won’t be able to work for a long time because I am going to keep you busy in many other different things.I have a long list of that!

-Is it so?
-Hmm….Yes.Now go before I change my mind.
Smiling Anika puts a cute peck on Shivaay’s cheek then takes his leave.


Anika is in her cabin.Busy in checking ongoing and lined-up projects.Her P.A. comes and informs that someone has come to visit her.Anika turns up at the door of the guest room:

-Sorry for making you wait.Was busy actually…..How can I help you?That person inside the room turns and he is none other than Sagar.Coming towards Anika he says:
-Hello,I am Dr.Sagar Shekhawat.

Ishqbaaz Written Update

-Sagar….My friend?

-I guess so.
-I could not recognize you…..
-It’s okay.I know everything.Um…Can I have a talk with you?
-Of course.Plz sit down.They both sit face to face.Sagar starts:

-Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi and you are going to marry again.Our families are business partners so got the invitation.
-I am expecting you and your family in our marriage Mr.Shekhawat.
-My pleasure.But I am here to tell you something else.
-Plz go on.

-Have your husband ever told you how you two met and came into each other’s life?Before your accident specifically?
-No but…
-Have you ever asked?Anika is little irritated still says normally:

-There was no necessity of asking.We were newlyweds and came on a trip to Delhi then I met with the accident.Why are you asking like that?
Sagar stands up then turns his back on Anika.He says:

-It’s true that you met with the accident in Delhi but you were not married at that time!Anika too stands up getting shocked:
-What are you saying?Are you mad?Sagar turns to her side:

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