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Ishqbaaz 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Ishqbaaz 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Ishqbaaz 5 April 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Ishqbaaz full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Ishqbaaz 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in

“nothing special, I just thanked God like always,” he muttered staring those hundred of lanterns making their way to heavens with the wishes of innocent people. “you still hope you will meet her one day, don’t you Brother?” side hugging him the once a small girl who was now a sensible teenager asked him. “it is not like that… because I believe you don’t come with the fate of having everything and…….Everyone.” the pressure on the last word didn’t go unnoticed by Harshita. “I prayed Gods that you meet her soon.” and she hugged his lonely soul which bled every now and then recalling his sister.

Ishqbaaz 5th April 2019

“Harshi, Samar come inside, we need to cut the cake,” Anika called from inside and it broke their stares to their respective paper lanterns. “what did Om chachu tell you about his recent slum visit?” she asked about it. “Nothing, it is like they just disappeared and all these years they never returned back.” he sighed. “by the way, I am going Mumbai for a few weeks for this new project big B wants me to look after,” he said turning his attention to the girl breaking their hug.

Ishqbaaz 5 April 2019

“oh wow, that’s great… I mean you would get a chance to find her.” she said happily. “but yeah, come back soon… we two will miss you and more than us Shubha is going to miss you.” and she winked at this precious man. “i am seeing you are getting naughtier day by day… and good girls don’t wink.” he tried to stop the matter to cover the folds of blushing he wasn’t able to help. “harshi… Samar, where are you two?” the voice boomed again and they knew it wasn’t good to give the lady of the house a chance to get angry. “Yeah, I met Shubha and she said our Gaurav is doing exceptionally good in the piano classes and he has even shown an interest in flutes… ” but he has difficulty in speaking how he would be able to take long breaths for Flute Shivay?” she expressed her query.

Ishqbaaz 5th April

“actually that I myself am amazed but Shubha said that if he starts playing a flute, his voice would get more clear.” washing the small cut on his big toe he told Anika. “wow, that’s good… I remember he wasn’t able to learn how to suck milk and here my baby is doing so good. “Doctor, it is just not happening…” a flustered Anika told the Doctor. “it has been several hours, he still is not getting how to suck through nipples… I am afraid what if never gets it,” she said nearly crying. “it is alright Mrs. Oberoi, sometimes kids take longer to learn how to suck and don’t worry we are feeding him through this drip na.” The lady in white apron smiled gently.

Ishqbaaz 5 April

But the mother’s heart knew it was not normal and the kid took a good twelve days to finally learn it. “Anika, Anika… “Yeah, what happened?” she asked the man who seemed confused with no reasons. “come to earth, now things are much better.” he squeezed her palm armly. “yeah, they are.” and she smiled broadly to him. “so now I remember someone had teased me and left me in a real misery a few hours back…” and his eyes shined with mischief. “Was that so Billu ji?” he teased her and still after all these years he wasn’t okay with this nickname. “Anika… really? Now you are not going to be spared.” and he tried catching her and she made a dash towards the washroom. “catch me if you can Billu ji… and she laughed behind the closed door of the washroom.

Ishqbaaz Written Update

“i hope you still remember you have to sleep with me,” he said to the closed doors. “it is not a big deal Samar, even if you didn’t say I would have done that.” Shubha rolled her eyes on his request. “Gaurav is even related to me and by the way, he is my favorite student and and and do you know I recently saw his interests in flutes,” she told him enthusiastically. “I love them the most and you know how important they are to me,” he said softly. “yeah, so you are going to stay with the other family in Mumbai?” like a concerned fiance she asked him. “Hmm, apparently that’s the idea,” he told her opening the little gift wrap he has got this morning. “what have you gotten me Shree?” he called with her other name as he tried opening the cello tapes. “look yourself…” she smiled as soon as she heard the cracking of wraps.

Precap: Sahil asks what are you doing here. Shivaansh says I remember dad’s death,