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Ishqbaaz 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Ishqbaaz 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Ishqbaaz 8 February 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Ishqbaaz full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Shivaansh shouts its all a lie, everything will get fine. Nani says it means everything isn’t fine now, so you didn’t want to marry. Shivaansh shouts I m fed up, explain them, everything comes and stops at marriage. He goes. He asks Khanna how did this news come out, ask Avi to remove the news from all the channels. He calls Mahesh and asks how did this news come out. Mahesh says don’t know, trust me, I didn’t tell anyone. Shivaansh recalls Mannat’s words. He says I didn’t know this girl will go to this extent, she made her life’s biggest mistake by getting enmity with me. Mannat says this has happened because of Shivaansh, Munni is missing and I had to steal reports from hospital, don’t know what will that person make me do, I will not forget and forgive Shivaansh. Nani says there is

something that Shivaansh is hiding. Varun says I will talk to him. Varun adds a pill in the tea cup and makes her drink the tea. She drinks the tea. He asks her to go. He counts down. She gets dizzy and faints. He holds her and shouts to everyone.

Ishqbaaz 8th February 2019

Doctor checks Nani and says she got a heart attack, recovery is tough in this age, make sure that she doesn’t take any stress. Shivaansh worries. He asks how did she get a heart attack. Varun says I think she got hurt by that news, sorry to say, the way you reacted, she doubted further and thought the news was true, she was afraid to lose you, fortunately I was there at that time, she was talking to me, she told me that she would die but she will regret to not see your marriage. Shivaansh says I can give my life for her, but I can’t fulfill her wish.

Radhika and Shivani ask why don’t you want to marry and fall in love, you have to marry some day, you can do this for Nani’s happiness. Shivaansh says its time to focus on her health, not on my marriage. Varun says I will talk to him. He goes after Shivaansh and asks what problem do you have with marriage. Shivaansh says Nani is critical. Varun says its because of this stress, look at me, marriage is a beautiful thing. Shivaansh says I have no problem with marriage, I can’t do it as I m dying, when I have no time left, how can I ruin any girl’s life. Varun asks was that news true. Shivaansh says it wasn’t any rumor, I have a heart attack, I don’t have much time. Varun cries. Shivaansh says maybe it was in my fate, I have accepted it. He goes. Varun jokes on him and says you will marry, when, where and with whom, I will decide it. Mannat cries and calls Varun. She says he said he will send Munni home, where is she. Munni comes home crying and hugs Mannat.

Ishqbaaz 8 February 2019

Mannat asks are you fine, did they trouble you, what’s this. She gets shocked seeing the bomb fixed to her. Chachi comes and says this girl is destruction. Mannat asks Munni not to touch this. Varun takes bride’s disguise again and comes to Nani. He injects the saline and thinks I have to give her another shock, Shivaansh I will get you married. He dances. Nurse goes to get her phone. Varun sees nurse coming. Nurse gets shocked seeing Nani’s state.

Shivaansh asks doctor what happened to Nani. Doctor says she got another heart attack, I don’t think she has much time. Shivaansh says you have to save her life. Doctor says sorry, I can’t help much. Shivaansh says we need you Nani. Varun hears them, sitting behind the bed. He thinks the family cries a lot, if I get caught, my game will be over, everyone will know that my love and concern were fake. He tries to go. Shivansh says nothing will happen to Nani. Varun removes the disguise and comes. He asks Shivaansh how can this happen, Nani got another attack.

Ishqbaaz Written Update

Shivaansh says I don’t know what to do. Varun says don’t know how much time Nani has, if you fulfill her last wish, maybe she gets fine. Shivaansh says I can’t marry. Varun says you can have a fake marriage, you can do this for Nani’s happiness, have a contract with that girl, I will find the girl for you, a lie for someone’s good is better than truth, you won’t be ruining any girl’s life. They hear about Nani and rush. Radhika asks them to see Nani. Shivaansh says I m here, nothing will happen to you.

Varun says Shivaansh will get married, right Shivaansh. Radhika asks Shivaansh to say. Shivaansh says yes, I will do it, I will get married, just get fine. They see Nani moving her hand. Radhika says Nani will get fine with happiness. Varun thinks now I have to make Mannat ready. He calls Mannat and says I know you are worried about bomb, don’t worry, nothing will happen to her, I have the remote, if you don’t listen to me, then Munni will die. Mannat asks who are you, what’s your enmity, what did you do. He says if you question again. She agrees to do anything he says. He says wait for my next call.

Ishqbaaz 9 February 2019

Precap: Ishqbaaz 9th February 2019 Written Episode Update Shivaansh says announce in press that I m marrying tomorrow. He introduces Sonya. Radhika asks are you marrying Sonya. Varun shouts no.