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Karn Sangini 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Karn Sangini 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Karn Sangini 11 February 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Karn Sangini full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Uruvi stops Karn from waging war against Pandavas and says as his wife, she cannot let him do adharm. Karn says he has not permitted neither dharm nor dharm patni/wife to come between him and his friend and walks away from there. He goes to weapon room and sharpens his arrows. Uruvi walks to him and even he knows he is taking adharm’s path and it is wrong. Karn says his mother disowned him and threw him in river, he was called suth putra whole life and people insulted him, but Duryodhan showered his friendship and respect on him, so he will not leave his friend at any cost and does not know dharma or adharma. Uruvi says he did not know he went through so much pain. He asks to go and check if his parents want to support him or not.

Karn Sangini 11th February 2019

Uruvi Uruvi reaches Pukheya and explains situationto her mother Shubhra. Shubhra tells as per rules, she has to support her relatives, but she is helpless. Uruvi sees locker open with a letter inside, picks letter and seeing Kunti’s name asks Shubhra why did Kunti maa sent letter to her, what is written in it.

Shubhra nervously says it is nothing and asks her to go and rest. Uruvi walks to her room. Shubhra nervously thinks how to hide the fact from Uruvi who is Karn’s mother and he is waging war against his own family. Uruvi enters and says she heard everything and now Shubhra should tell who is Karn’s mother. Shubhra reveals that Kunti is Karn’s mother. Uruvi is amused hearing that and asks Kunti showers love to every children, how can she disown Karn. Shubhra describes how Kunti was booned by saint to have child from Suryva dev, how unmarried Kunti fearing society’s humility left Karn into river, etc.. She continues that Karn will wage war against his own brothers, they have to stop him. Uruvi says she will do something.

Karn Sangini 11 February 2019

In Ang desh, Duryodhan tells Karn that with his, Pitamaha, and other dignified warriors’ support, he will win war against Pandavs for sure and asks god to show some sign. Clouds cover sky and disappear. Duryodhan says even gods approved war. Krishna enters and asks if it was good sign or bad. Karn and Duryodhan greet him. Duryodhan asks how come he came here. Radha offers him butter and says she knew he would be on Dharma’s side. Krishna says he will not fight, but will be a charioteer to Parth/Arjun. They all stand tensed hearing that.

Karn Sangini 12 February 2019

Precap: Karn Sangini 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update Kunti thinks she does not want her other children to face humility, so Karn has to bear all humility alone.