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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Kasauti Zindagi Ki 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Kasauti Zindagi Ki 15 February 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Komolika offering help to Mohini. Anurag comes. Mohini cries and hugs him. He hugs his mum and sister. Komolika wipes his tears and smiles. Doctor comes and says Moloy’s operation is over, his condition is stable, he has to get conscious and then we can say something certain. He goes. Komolika takes Mohini with her. Anurag cries seeing Moloy. Mohini says I told you Moloy, don’t drive, you don’t listen to me. Anurag pacifies her. Doctor says good thing is Moloy has no internal bleeding, he will be out of danger soon. Anurag and Mohini go out. Komolika angrily sees Moloy. She thinks you did a big mistake by learning my truth, you must die, else you will make everyone against me, I don’t have any benefit by saving your life, my doctor will treat you and give you a peaceful death, I just have to ensure that my doctor treats you.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 15th February 2019

She goes to Anurag. He sees Prerna and goes to her. He hugs Prerna. Komolika gets angry. Days pass. Mohini worries for Moloy. Nivedita is stressed. Anupam asks her not to talk loudly. She asks do you know anything about business. He says I will understand if you try. She says everyone has learnt about dad’s accident, none of the medicines are working, all the shares are going down, I m not able to do anything, everyone trusts dad and….

Anurag hears this and cries. Prerna goes to get medicines. She sees Anurag. Komolika sees them. Mohini says do any puja and jaap to save Moloy. Pandit says we will perform Maha Mrityunjay jaap. Mohini says I will perform the puja, I can do anything for Moloy, you start the preparations. Mohini does the puja. Prerna takes care of her family. She hides and cries. They stay worried for Rajesh. Fifteen days pass, doctor says we are still trying, we didn’t get any positive signs. Moloy gets serious. Doctor rushes to check him. Moloy gets stable. He asks doctor to call Anurag, he needs to talk, its very imp. Doctor says fine, relax. He asks Anurag to go in, Moloy wants to meet him.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 15 February 2019

Anurag goes to Moloy. He holds Moloy and says your Anurag is here. Moloy says listen to me, why are you crying, don’t cry. Anurag cries. Moloy kisses him and wipes his tears. Anurag says you will be fine. Moloy asks how is Rajesh. Anurag signs no. He says nothing will happen to him. Moloy says I feel proud that my son is such a nice person, I have very less time left, listen to me Anurag, let me speak, okay, I want you to promise me. Anurag says nothing will happen to you. Moloy says I want you to promise me, I don’t treat Rajesh as my employee, he is like my brother and friend, promise me you will always help Rajesh, his family and Prerna.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki

Anurag promises. Moloy says I want you to manage the business, let me speak. Anurag says everyone is worried for you. Moloy says Nivedita is a good businessman, she doesn’t know relation keeping, promise me. Anurag says yes. Moloy gets serious and says one more thing, Komolika wants to…. Anurag rushes to call doctor. Moloy says Komolika wants to marry you, she is a bad person, don’t marry her. Anurag goes out and doesn’t hear. Doctor treats Moloy. Moloy faints. Anurag cries and recalls Moloy’s words. Prerna comes and hugs Anurag. She says please save dad, his condition is getting bad. He hugs her. Anurag thinks of Komolika’s words. Prerna asks where are you going, you are needed here. He says I know, I promised dad, I will do whatever I can for you.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 16 February 2019

Precap: Kasauti Zindagi Ki 16th February 2019 Written Episode Update Komolika asks Anurag to fulfill the promise. She asks him to marry her. She tells Mishka that if they get saved, I will be in trouble. Doctor says sorry, Moloy has slipped in coma. Everyone gets shocked.