The film’s collection is better in the northern belt of the country as compared to the rest of the mass circuits. Kesari is the story of the epic Battle of Saragarhi that was fought between 21 Sikh soldiers under the British army and 10,000 Afghan troopers. The striking appearance of Akshay as Havildar Ishar Singh, the leader of the Indian group of soldiers has won the audience. The buzz around the film was already high ever since the trailer hit social media. The good word-of-mouth added to the excitement that resulted in a terrific opening day collection for the film. However, the earnings in the following days dipped to lower than expected.

Earlier, talking about the importance of Battle of Saragarhi in Indian history, Akshay told DNA, “I was upset to know that the Battle of Saragarhi is not a part of the school syllabus. There is no mention of it in our history classes. In Britain, they celebrate the Saragarhi Day but there is no such celebration here. Hence I did this film and I have never heard a story about such bravery. If you Google about the five biggest and best world battles, the third one is ours. The story of Saragarhi should be in our syll abus.”