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Kesari Nandan 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Kesari Nandan 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Kesari Nandan 10 April 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Kesari Nandan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Kesari Nandan 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
The Episode starts with Jagat seeing the wheelchair and taking it positively. Hanumant praises him and says you are more strong than me. Jagat asks can I ask you for something, its very imp for me, I lost a lot, if I get this, then I don’t want anything else, promise me first. Hanumant promises and asks him to ask for anything. Jagat says don’t send Kesari anywhere. He defends Kesari. He says Kesari lied and took a disguise, but she wanted to get educated in the school, please don’t hate her, you are Kesari’s hero too. He requests Hanumant. They cry. Jagat says don’t send her away from me. Kesari and Pappu come. Kesari says I won’t go away from you all, this is my decision, you will send me and I will come back. Pappu gets scared.

Kesari Nandan 10th April 2019

Hanumant says fine. Kesari says you can slap me if you want. Pappu says he has agreed. Hanumant says I said fine, if Jagat wants this, then this will happen. Madhavi smiles. Hanumant says Kesari isn’t going anywhere. Kesari smiles and hugs Madhavi. Jagat smiles. Hanumant makes Jagat sit on the wheelchair and asks him to keep smiling. Hanumant and Madhavi leave. Kesari thanks Jagat.

Kesari Nandan 10 April

He says we will take small steps, I will talk to dad about your wrestling. Kesari and Pappu take Jagat on the wheelchair. Jagat laughs. Kuch hai junoon sa…..plays…. Pappu says the village girls aren’t coming to school. Kesari says girls and their parents got scared, the enemies won, you helped me, find a solution for the girls, so that we go to school together. Jagat says sure, promise you will go school with the girls, I lost my legs but I have to make you reach the goals, I got this big aim now.

Kesari Nandan 10 April 2019

At the panchayat, everyone thinks who has called for a panchayat. Jagat says I called you all, you should send girls to school again. Shakti taunts him. He asks everyone to say, if they want to send their girls to school. Everyone discusses. The man says no girl will go school now. Kala smiles. Kripa and other girls come and tell that the education is mandatory for children. Jagat and Kesari smile. Kesari says education is right of all the children, who doesn’t agree will face a trouble, we will complain against you.

Kesari Nandan April 2nd 2019

Jagat says if they went to school, we would have not needed to tell this law to them. He asks them to ask the girls, if they are scared or not. Kesari asks all the girls to come. The girls comes there. They say they aren’t scared, they want to study, they will come to school. Kala and Shakti get shocked. Shakti threatens the teacher. Jagat says if girls don’t go to school, still his job will go. He calls the govt.
Officer from education dept. The officer asks them not to go to against Right to education act, else he will take legal action against them. Jagat asks Kala is he saying right. The man says we can’t stop the girls from going to school. Pappu taunts Jawahar. Kesari says Jawahar thought I will fall weak, I was scared seeing Jagat’s state, now I got double energy and courage to win. She smiles. Jagat smiles, seeing Kesari and all the girls going to school.

Precap: Jagat says we need a wrestle to fight, if you train Kesari, she will be a gold medalist. Hanumant says its impossible, Kesari is a girl. Jagat says I have decided it, I will make Kesari win Bharat Kesari.