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Kesari Nandan 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Kesari Nandan 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Kesari Nandan 11 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Kesari Nandan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Kesari thinking she is doing wrong to lie to everyone. Zoravar calls home. Kesari answers and tries to know what he wants to say. Bijli takes the call. He asks her not to lock the door, he will be coming late. Zoravar breaks into the jewellery store. Bijli opens the door bolt and goes. Kesari sees her and thinks why did she do this. Zoravar steals much gold. He wakes up Kala and asks him to open the manhole. He comes out. Kala asks for his share. Zoravar says its all my plan and hardwork, leave it. He asks Kala to keep some gold and stay happy. He goes.

Kesari Nandan 11th February 2019

Kala says thieves also have own principles, you have cheated me, see what I do now. Zoravar comes home. Bijli sees him and asks did you come. He asks her to talk slow. He shows her the gold. She gets shocked and smiles

seeing the gold. She says I love you. She wears bangles and asks can I keep these. He says fine. She says thanks and hugs. He says stay away, hide all the gold, I will sleep now. She asks how can I hide so much jewellery. Kesari prepares for the fight. Bijli sees her and thinks what is she doing here.

Kesari Nandan 11 February 2019

Madhavi comes and stops Kesari. She scolds her. She signs her about Bijli and takes her in. Madhavi prays and comes to room. Hanumant says its a special day today. She asks what. He says Keshav is coming to give sponsorship to Jagat, Kesari Nandan will have his first day at training today, there is something special in him, he is dedicated and came in wounded state yesterday. She smiles and does tilak to him. Kesari calls her out. She asks Madhavi to sit. She says its big day for me, I wanted to see you and start the day. She takes Madhavi’s blessings and goes to get ready. She thanks her monkey friend for saving her life. She sees Jawahar. He catches her collar. They argue. Kesari says I have no issues with you, leave me alone.

Jawahar asks won’t you take revenge from me. Kesari says no, I don’t waste time in taking revenge, I don’t back stab like you. She goes. Jawahar is on the way. He sees the monkey and asks him to get away. Monkey refuses. Jawahar asks where do you want to take me. He reaches cliff. Monkey attacks him. Jawahar falls down and shouts for help. Monkey laughs and goes. Kesari meets Hanumant and Jagat. Hanumant asks where is Jawahar. Jawahar comes with broken hand. He says I was riding cycle and fell in a deep pit. Kesari smiles. Hanumant praises Kesari and says your training will begin soon, lets pray before stepping inside the wrestling ground. Hanumant fights with someone and shows them demo. Kesari smiles. Madhavi comes and wishes them best of luck.

Hanumant says Jagat will gets sponsorship today. They hear police siren. Kala Singh gets the policemen. Hanumant asks is everything fine. Kala says I have got an order to search your house, someone has looted the gold jewellery shop. Bijli wakes up Zoravar and says police has come. Zoravar goes and sees Kala. Kala says Zoravar has a big police record, so we have come to check. Hanumant stops Kala. He says I didn’t permit you, I will talk to your senior first. He calls the senior. The man says sorry, I can’t help, we have to investigate. Keshav comes and sees police. Hanumant says police has just come for a talk. He requests Kala to leave, its about Jagat’s sponsorship. He asks Jagat to show his wrestling demo. Keshav refuses.

Kesari Nandan 12 February 2019

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