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Kesari Nandan 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Kesari Nandan 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Kesari Nandan 30 April 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Kesari Nandan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Kesari Nandan 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
The Episode starts with Kesari and Kalki fighting. Bhairav comes there and looks on. Kripa asks Pappu to go and stop them. Pappu says if I go to stop them, I will get beaten up. Bhairav stops them and asks do you know wrestling. Kalki says yes. Bhairav says really. Kalki asks Kesari is she a wrestler. She laughs. Kesari says fight me in Akhada and see. Kalki says no ways. She goes. Bhairav asks Kesari who is she, she is amazing. Kesari goes with her friends. Bhairav smiles.

Kesari Nandan 30th April 2019

Its morning, Kesari tells Jagat about beating Kalki. She gives him medicines. Jagat says you will always be a wrestler. Hanumant comes and asks did you see Madhavi. Jagat doesn’t talk to him. He gets training Kesari. Kesari falls down. Jagat asks her to focus. He thinks I can’t train Kesari, I can’t become her teacher, I have to find her a good teacher.

Kesari Nandan 30 April

Bhairav is in market. Madhavi collides with him. He helps her. She sees him. He sees her and gets shocked. FB shows Bhairav telling Hanumant that he is in love with Madhavi and wants to marry him. He gets ready to go and ask for Madhavi’s hand. The man says Hanumant’s mum fixed their alliance. Bhairav goes to Hanumant and scolds him. FB ends. Madhavi asks when did you come back. Bhairav says I came on my land’s call. She says I will go, I m getting late. He says you think you took right decision to marry Hanumant, does that bank watchman keep you happy, tell me. She says I m very happy, he loves me and my children a lot, we are happy. She goes. Zoravar sees Bhairav and says what is Bhairav Singh doing this, now Hanumant is gone.

Kesari Nandan 30 April 2019

Hanumant asks Madhavi where did she go, I have to go and train Rana ji’s daughter. Madhavi doesn’t talk. He asks what’s the matter. Kesari looks on. Madhavi says my family is very happy, Hanumant loves me and my children a lot, but he couldn’t do anything for them, he couldn’t melt his heart for Kesari, he couldn’t understand them. Jagat and Kesari come and hug her. Madhavi asks them not to misbehave with their dad. She asks them to do anything they want, she is with them. She says Kesari is born to make this family proud. Kesari says no, I don’t even exist for dad. She runs away. Madhavi asks her to listen.

Kesari Nandan April 30th 2019

Kesari goes to talk to Hanumant. He asks what do you want, you also want to scold me now. Hanumant says Madhavi isn’t understanding me, I have to keep my duty and manage my family, I m helpless, I m not getting happiness to train a girl. He cries. She says there is no better coach than you, that girl is lucky, even girls can wrestler, you will also understand this, trust that girl, it will mean a lot. She asks Hanumant to bless her, being her father. Hanumant blesses her and goes.

Precap: Kesari likes her dress and celebrates her birthday happily with Hanumant. Everyone smiles. Hanumant says you thought I will train anyone else than you. Kesari hugs him.