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Kesari Nandan 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Kesari Nandan 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Kesari Nandan 6 March 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Kesari Nandan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Kesari Nandan 6th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in

The Episode starts with Hanumant crying and recalling his insult. He sees the stain on floor and cleans it. Choti Maasa stops him not to get mad. He takes an axe and angrily breaks Kesari’s trophy. Choti Maasa explains him that they have to give money to Aatmaram somehow, else they will lose the house. He asks shall I use a girl’s earnings. She says whatever, we have to pay Aatmaram. Kesari looks on and calls him out. He angrily goes. Kesari cries. Choti Maasa says your one mistake has ruined our family. Hanumant will never forgive you. Jawahar gets mocked that a little girl has beaten him. He gets angry on his friends and goes home.

Kesari Nandan 6th March 2019

Aatmaram rejoices that Hanumant got insulted. He hears the sound and goes to stop Jawahar. He asks Jawahar to be happy that Hanumant got ruined, if you have

anger, keep it and take revenge, you are my son, do whatever it takes. Jagat gets sad and arranges his things. Kesari asks him to forgive her, Madhavi asked her to tell him everything, but she was scared. He says you did a big mistake, insult is in front of you. She explains him that she has broken everyone’s heart, she has become a boy to take admission in school. She tells everything. She asks him to forgive her, else she will fall lonely. Jagat forgives her and says I wish you had told this to me once, I would have become your shield. She apologizes. He says you should have not lied to me. He hugs her.

Kesari Nandan 6 March

Aatmaram talks to Choti Maasa and Zoravar. He asks how will you pay my money, Akhada has got shut now. Jawahar gets angry seeing them. Aatmaram asks why did he come. Jawahar says I will talk later. Zoravar says we will give your money soon. Choti Maasa sees Jawahar. Zoravar asks her to come.

Kesari Nandan 6 March 2019

Hanumant gets angry on Madhavi and indirectly taunts her, while giving some life lessons to Jagat. He asks Jagat not to fall emotionally weak, he will soon get married, when a woman does some mistake, she should get punished. He says your mum did mistake, she fooled me, now she will have to sleep on the ground. Madhavi cries. Hanumant says when we give freedom to woman, they hide and attack, like they did to me, your mum and sister have fooled me, you don’t repeat my mistake.

Kesari Nandan 6th March

He asks Jagat to go and sleep. Hanumant goes to sleep. Kesari says dad can punish me, but nothing should happen to mum. She talks to her monkey friend. Madhavi sleeps on the ground. Kesari prays to Hanuman and thinks to kill Kesari Nandan Singh, if she has to get Hanumant’s respect back. She takes her uniform and keeps it in cupboard. She says from today, Kesari Nandan’s story is over.

Precap: Hanumant says I lost my control my Kesari. Choti Maasa talks to pacify him.