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Kesari Nandan 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Kesari Nandan 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Kesari Nandan 7 June 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Kesari Nandan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Kesari Nandan 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
The Episode starts with Kesari thinking what to do. Hanumant and Bhairav are on the way. They see the truck coming. Kesari worries. Madhavi and Jagat wait for Kesari. Kalki tells Jawahar that Kesari is missing. He learns that she is kidnapped. He asks Kalki did she kidnap Kesari. Kalki says shut up, do you think so, I m not happy, I wanted to defeat her and win the competition. Pappu prays for Kesari.

Kesari Nandan 7th June 2019

Truck driver asks Hanumant and Bhairav to move. They don’t move. Truck driver stops. Kesari thinks to get down, she won’t be away from Dhanwa. Hanumant and Bhairav ask driver to give them lift. Driver says we are going to Ajmer. Bhairav scolds him. Hanumant scares the driver. They get the lift. Kesari hides from the man. Hanumant and Bhairav sit with the driver. Hanumant prays for Kesari. She thinks its dad. She sees him and shouts. The man catches her. Zoravar scolds the goons and asks them to find Kesari. Goon apologizes to him.

Kesari Nandan 7 June

Zoravar angrily stabs him and asks him to die. He asks other goons to find Kesari. Jawahar asks Madhavi not to worry, they will find Kesari. The competition begins. Everyone claps. Kalki asks Rana about Hanumant. He says I don’t know. She asks how can he miss this competition. Kesari struggles. Hanumant and Bhairav worry for Kesari. They get down the truck. Madhavi cries. Kesari beats the man and shouts to Hanumant. He stops hearing her and turns. Hanumant and Bhairav run back to the truck. They see Kesari with the goon.

Kesari Nandan 7 June 2019

Hanumant beats the man. Driver calls someone and says girl is with me. Bhairav asks Kesari is she fine. She says yes. He gets her down and asks Hanumant to come fast. Kesari says my match is going to start, I don’t want to get late. Bhairav says don’t take tension, come. They see the goons coming in the jeep. They run away. Kalki says my match is next, coach isn’t here, I need him. Rana ji calls Hanumant. Goons shoot at Kesari. Hanumant and Bhairav cover her. Zoravar hits a rod on Hanumant’s leg and makes him fall down. Kesari asks him is he fine. Hanumant says yes, Bhairav take her. Bhairav says your life is in risk. She says no, you come with me. Bhairav says your life is also in risk. Hanumant goes to fight goons. Kesari says don’t listen to dad. Hanumant beats goons. Bhairav takes her.

Precap: Kalki fights and wins the match. Everyone claps. The man announces Kesari’s name.