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Kesari Nandan 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Kesari Nandan 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Kesari Nandan 7 March 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Kesari Nandan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Kesari Nandan 7th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
The Episode starts with Choti Maasa asking Hanumant what is he thinking. He says what shall I say now. She says I can say one thing for sure, you and Kesari got qualities like your Maasa. Bijli asks Kesari to get fresh vegs from the market. Choti Maasa says your mum has served your dad a lot, I can’t forget how she used to take care of him. He asks what do you mean to say. She says I know what you should do. He says she has gone out of hands, I have to control her. She says I will tell you how to do this. Jawahar stops Kesari and smiles. He makes fun of her. She says you got beaten up by me, an eight year old girl. He gets angry. Choti Maasa says get Kesari’s marriage fixed, there is nothing to change, why are you surprised, your mum’s marriage with your dad was fixed in this age, and also your.

Kesari Nandan 7th March 2019

and Madhavi’s marriage, when Kesari’s marriage is fixed, she will understand responsibility, Madhavi and I are there to teach her. He says but we need a guy to fix marriage. She says I have a guy in my sight, Jawahar. He gets shocked.
Jawahar and Kesari challenge each other and go. He recalls Jawahar’s words. She defends Jawahar and says he has been your student since many years, he is Jagat’s good friend, once relation is fixed, everything will get fine he says Aatmaram will never agree for this. She says leave that on me. Kesari comes home. Hanumant sees her.

Kesari Nandan 7 March

Choti Maasa and Zoravar meet Aatmaram and his wife. Aatmaram starts laughing. He says you are joking, I respect you, give me one reason, why would I get related to egoistic Hanumant and that girl who had taken disguise. Choti Maasa tries to explain. Aatmaram signs her to stop. Zoravar asks her to come, they can’t force anyone. They leave. Zoravar says relation can’t happen here, you are seeing how he is talking, go home, I have some work. She goes. Kesari gets milk for Jagat. She asks why do you look worried. He says dad asked mum to sleep on the ground, she lied and got punished, what’s happening with us. She says its my mistake, everyone is getting punished. He asks her not to worry for dad’s loans. She promises. She says mum was just helping me. She does her work. Hanumant waits for Choti Maasa. He asks Madhavi to take Kesari inside. Choti Maasa asks her to dry her clothes. Madhavi and Kesari leave.

Kesari Nandan 7 March 2019

Choti Maasa gets tensed to say. Hanumant asks did he agree. Zoravar says surely, he has agreed happily. Choti Maasa gets glad. Zoravar recalls talking to Aatmaram and asking him to control Hanumant by fixing this alliance. Aatmaram agrees to make Hanumant his puppet. Zoravar says he has some conditions, we will agree to him, make preparations. Jagat asks whose alliance talk is going on. Zoravar says Kesari and Jawahar’s alliance. Jagat gets shocked.

Kesari Nandan 7th March

Jawahar asks what, my relation with that Kesari, never. Aatmaram drops a vase and says you can just do this to vent out anger and hatred, you break the things at home thinking of Hanumant and Kesari, use this chance and vent anger on them to take revenge, just think if that girl becomes your bride, you can insult her and her dad any time you want, if you marry Kesari, Hanumant and Kesari will never talk in front of you. Jawahar smiles and says I understood. Aatmaram smiles.

Jagat says Kesari is a kid. Choti Maasa says alliance is fixed in this age. Jagat says I know, but times have changed, Kesari realized her mistake, won’t you give her a chance to rectify her mistake. Hanumant asks him to stop it, this is good for the family too. Jagat says but Kesari is a little girl. Kesari comes.

Precap: Kesari asks is this true. Madhavi says your did has fixed your alliance. Kesari asks why didn’t you stop him.