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Krishna Chali London 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Krishna Chali London 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Krishna Chali London 15 March 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Krishna Chali London full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Krishna Chali London 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
The Episode starts with Shukla and Triloki getting stuck on the way. The car tyre gets stuck in the dirt pit. They get down the car. Shukla calls him out. Veer asks everyone to check their family members. Triloki comes to Gajanan and says weather was bad, mum was worried, so dad and I came here to pick you. Lali asks where is Shukla. Shukla calls out Triloki. He enters some place and says what type of camp is this, there is no bulb here. The kerosene can falls down and comes in contact with an open wire. Fire gets caught up. Shukla gets shocked and shouts Gajanan, Triloki, anyone there. Triloki says dad was behind me. The man says someone is stuck in that room, its lit with fire, he is shouting Gajanan and Triloki. They rush. Krishna sees Veer. He turns away. Krishna shouts to Shukla.

Krishna Chali London 15th March 2019

Gajanan and Triloki shout dad….. Krishna throws some soil. Veer comes there. She looks at him. Aayan throws the sand and asks the people to get more.
Shivani asks what are you doing here, we should leave. Gajanan tries to enter the fire. He falls down. Shivani says fire brigade didn’t come till now. Krishna looks at Veer. Veer recalls Shukla’s words. Krishna sees the fire and goes. Veer stops her. She says leave my hand. He asks can’t you see the fire.

Krishna Chali London 15th March

She says he is Radhe’s dad, he takes care of entire family, let me go. Veer says I won’t leave your hand. She says you don’t care for him, but I do care, let me go and save him. He says enough. He takes a blanket and goes on by covering himself. Krishna looks on. Veer thinks of Krishna and jumps in the fire. Veer comes out. Triloki says you left my dad inside, where is he. Veer gets Shukla out on his back. They see Shukla and take him. Veer falls down. Krishna smiles and goes to him. Shivani comes in between. She asks what’s wrong, why did you enter the fire, who is he, how is he related to you. Veer says please, leave it, its over. She says look at your burnt hand. He sees Krishna. Bela and Shuklain worry at home.

Krishna Chali London 15 March 2019

Gajanan calls Shuklain. She asks did your dad reach. He says yes. Shukla asks Gajanan not to tell her anything. Gajanan says we are leaving from here in some time. Veer scolds the junior doctor. Veer says he is doing his work, just relax. Shivani says nobody cares for you, they only care for themselves. Shukla asks who is she, where is Veer, Veer has organized this medical camp, if you were planning such things, you should see the arrangements. Aayan says it was not Veer’s fault, its a natural calamity. Shukla asks who are you. Krishna says Veer saved your life. Shukla says it was his duty, he brought my family here. He taunts Veer. Veer goes to Shukla. Shukla asks him to speak up.

Krishna Chali London 15 March

Veer sees Krishna and says never mind, you will never understand. He goes with Shivani. Lali says we shall go home. Aayan says so I guess this is it, smile Krishna, you are very talented, I want to see you as a doctor soon, it was lovely working with you. She says thanks, I have learnt a lot from you. She goes. Shukla and family are on the way. Gajanan says whatever you say, Veer saved your life, you shouldn’t be rude to him. Shukla asks will you teach me, I don’t think Lali is recovering. Gajanan says no, she got treated well.

Krishna Chali London Serial

Triloki says I didn’t believe that Veer will save you, but he saved you. Shukla says it was his good deed. Veer and Shivani are on the way. Chadariya…..plays…. Shukla’s car passes by. Veer sees Krishna. Krishna sees him. Krishna drops on the way to take different route. Veer looks at her. She takes an auto and goes.

Precap:Veer stops Krishna and holds her hand. Mera naam ishq…..plays…. She kisses on his burn wound. Sunaina says Shivani has passport issued by London, if you marry Shivani, you will be going back to London, even Shivani is ready for this.