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Krishna Chali London 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Krishna Chali London 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Krishna Chali London 1 February 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Krishna Chali London full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Shukla boasting of his success in front of Veer. He laughs and tells about his scheme. He asks Veer to treat everyone now. He taunts Veer and says I m Shukla from Kanpur, I know how to handle the situation, don’t try to outsmart me, you will be busy all day and all life, go and treat the patients, let me know if you can’t handle, I will call minister and tell him that you can’t do anything, you are just to scare people by your fancy english and dressing, get to work now. He leaves. Veer says he has much ego, he forgets that I was also born in Kanpur, I have lived in Kanpur for 16 years, I will show him what I can do. He goes to his cabin and calls Ajit. He says go and get the operation theatre ready, we need to achieve the target today.

Ajit asks what. Veer asks him to just go and get it ready. The man says I think you have an operation today. Veer says overpopulation is the real problem of the country, if population is controlled, all the diseases will end, I m telling this to you as you will be getting vasectomy performed on you. The man worries. Veer says I will not charge any money, we got this scheme to get people like you and achieve target. The man refuses and goes. Veer tells everyone about the management’s decision to perform vasectomy on all the men, so that the population gets controlled.

The people get worried. Veer takes a man and drags him for the operation. The men run away. Even the women find this weird and run away. Krishna looks on. Veer smiles and goes to his cabin. He sits working. Krishna comes to him. She says two patients have come. He asks are they walked in or they have come reading the pamphlet. She says sorry for what Shukla did today. Veer asks her to sit and write an apology. He says if you think Shukla did wrong, you have to get rid of al the pamphlets tonight, do this if you want. She asks what. He says yes, you want forgiveness, then do this. She says sorry, I will not do it, whatever Shukla did was to take revenge on you, you should have not insulted him at your house. Veer claps and says it means Shukla and you are innocent, its all my fault, right, you have time until tonight, think about it. He goes.

Shuklain and family are at some function. Bela asks why did you get shocked seeing us, you had sent an invitation for us, don’t worry, we didn’t bring Krishna here, we are not dumb to get a widow here. The lady asks Shuklain to come and sit. Veer says Krishna, if you don’t remove the posters, then I would resign from this hospital tomorrow, I will go and tell minister the reason for my resignation, then you and Shukla handle this. She says no, please, our hospital has just been established, it will be bad effect on it if you resign. He says no, it will affect Shukla, he invested 20 crores, you take the decision now. He goes. Shuklain hears the people talking about Radhe’s death. Ladies taunt that Krishna would have got a child by now. Shuklain angrily goes home. Lali makes tea for her. She gets Krishna’s call. Krishna says I will stay in hospital tonight for the work. Lali asks why, you haven’t eaten anything. Krishna says its a new hospital, there is much work, don’t worry. Lali asks her to take care. Bela hears Lali and smiles. She says so Krishna will be staying at the hospital at night.

Veer sits to have food. He asks Sunaina to make aloo paratha today. She smiles and asks are you fine. He tells her everything what happened. She gets happy seeing him positive. He asks her to make aloo paratha soon. She says you and Krishna would be turning friends while fighting a lot. He gets thinking.

Precap: Krishna Chali London 2nd February 2019 Written Episode UpdateKrishna vomits. Shuklain looks on and smiles. She makes Krishna meet Kanta Mausi. Kanta checks Krishna and says congrats Shuklain, you are going to become grandmum again. Shuklain plays dhol and says my Radhe is coming back.