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Krishna Chali London 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Krishna Chali London 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Krishna Chali London 4 February 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Krishna Chali London full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Lali telling Veer about Krishna, how she was filled with anger when she got married against her will. She says Krishna had a fire in her, which has been put off now. She says your sister is bearing the same as me, no one raised a voice for me, Krishna has sent my husband to jail to support me, times changed, Krishna understood love and my husband understood Krishna’s perception, he talks to me with love and respect now, Radhe’s love was Krishna’s strength, she is all alone, she doesn’t even get happy or angry, she doesn’t fight for herself, whatever I told you now is Krishna’s truth. She leaves. Veer gets thinking. Krishna gets emotional seeing the food. She recalls Radhe and cries. She eats the food. Veer looks at her.

Krishna Chali London 4th February 2019

Shuklaun talks to pandit. Krishna comes home. She says food was very tasty, I ate everything. Shuklain says very good, go and get ready now, come for puja. Krishna goes and gets ready. Bela says I m aware of everything. She smiles. Krishna comes for puja. Pandit asks Shuklain to get Krishna. Shuklain asks her to sit, the puja is for her. Krishna gets shocked. Shuklain says what happened, just come, the puja is for you and coming child, Radhe is coming back. Pandit says come, if puja is incomplete, it will be a big abshagun. Shuklain takes Krishna. Krishna says no, I can’t do all this, its wrong, this puja is not for me. She runs away.

Krishna Chali London 4 February 2019

Sunaina and Veer are in the market. She buys vegs. He asks why did you get me. She says you have sent the servant to keep an eye on your sister. She calls him a dictator for keeping his sister away from her husband. He says he has raised hand on Chutki. Sunaina says Nayani started the fight, you should talk to them instead of sending her husband to jail. Veer buys the veg for his sister without bargaining. Sunaina says I can’t understand your love. Veer sees a girl fainting. He rushes to check her. He lifts her and asks her mum to come with him to hospital fast. Lali knocks the door and asks Krishna to listen to her. Shuklain shouts that Krishna is doing this drama and spreading negatively. She says I will throw this watch out if she does more drama. She asks Krishna to come out. Kanta asks why is Krishna hiding. Shuklain says how can I say, she killed my son. She isn’t ready to sit in puja. Lali gets Krishna downstairs.

Krishna Chali London Serial

Shuklain asks her to come with her. Shukla says let me talk to her. He asks what’s the matter, why are you troubling us, what’s your problem, this puja is happening for you, go and sit there quietly. Krishna says its futile, because I m not pregnant. They get shocked. Veer attends the girl and asks Ajit to call Krishna fast. Ajit says she left for home, how can I call her at this time. Veer says just do as I said. The lady asks what happened to my daughter. Veer treats the girl. He says it got late in treating her. Kanta says come with me, I told you that you are pregnant, I have felt your pulse, I have heard two heart bears, come for puja. Krishna says pulse rate doesn’t know if woman is pregnant. Kanta says I m doing this since 40 years, I delivered many children, don’t argue with me. Krishna says I m saying the truth. Bela says you don’t act smart. Gajanan asks Triloki to stop Bela. He says we should get tests done. Krishna says there is no need for test. Shuklain asks what do you mean to say, you think we are fools. Krishna says I can’t be pregnant. Shuklain asks why, are you incapable to have a child. Krishna says because Radhe and I didn’t have any husband and wife relation. They get shocked.

Krishna Chali London 5 February 2019

Precap: Krishna Chali London 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update The lady says I took Guddi to Swami ji as well. Veer says your daughter is very sick, I beg you, I won’t charge fees, get her here for treatment. Krishna looks at Veer.