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Krishna Chali London 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Krishna Chali London 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Krishna Chali London 4 June 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Krishna Chali London full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Krishna Chali London 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
The Episode starts with Krishna and Radhe getting engaged. Krishna sees Veer. Radhe hugs her. Veer leaves sadly. Everyone claps. Veer goes out and sits sad. Krishna comes to him and gives him water. She asks did I slap you hard. He says you got a chance to settle scores, I can become a good actor right. She says we have to do a lot of things, if we have to expose that fake Radhe. Radhe says I have made Krishna wear the engagement ring, she will marry me, when will I get the next instalment. Krishna says DNA test result was wrong, his blood reports after suicide attempt was different, idiots, they made a mistake. Radhe says I have to be careful for some days, then I will marry Krishna. Veer says I hate this plan, you are taking a big risk.

Krishna Chali London 4th June 2019

She says you tried and nothing happened, he is too sharp, he can change the game anytime, if we expose him, how will we know who is with her, someone gave him so much info about Radhe, who is the mastermind. Radhe gets money and thanks Sunaina. She smiles and says I was waiting for this day, when a son is locked in jail, just I know how a mum suffers, I always get angry seeing Krishna. He says don’t curse her, Veer has really killed Radhe.

Krishna Chali London 4th June

She points a knife at him and threatens him. She says you did many crimes, you are still free, Veer did an accident, he is getting punished, Veer lost his career and country because of Krishna, she got Veer arrested, I have cried a lot, lawyers were not able to help him. She recalls lawyer’s words. She says Radhe will come back alive to get Veer out of jail. FB ends. She says I have decided to know about Radhe and made this plan, I met everyone and gained info, I found you, I got your DNA report changed in London, I changed your samples with Gajanan’s samples, so that reports come true. She threatens him.

Krishna Chali London 4 June 2019

Radhe comes home. Krishna sees him. He talks on call. She hides and thinks I can know all the secrets from his phone. Its morning, Everyone discusses about Radhe and Krishna’s marriage. Bela jokes about the marriage happening for the second time. Shukla gets a call. He asks what, when did this happen. He says your Bade Papa is no more. Shuklain says he should have died much time before.

Krishna Chali London 4 June

Shukla says Dubai police dealt with him, I will go to Lucknow to get his ashes. Bela says be careful, he may come back alive like Radhe. He asks Gajanan to come with him. He asks Triloki to manage shop. Gajanan says I will come, but Radhe should go with you. Radhe asks why. Krishna says you are his son, did you forget. Radhe says yes, but…. fine.

Krishna Chali London Serial

Shuklain says take Gajanan along with you, I don’t want to send Radhe. Shukla agrees. Radhe says I will go and rest. Krishna says I will go and give him medicines. Radhe calls and tells everything. He says I will meet you in evening. Krishna hears him and gets medicines. She says your habit didn’t change yet, you forgot to take medicines, have it. He says you are there to take care of me. He hides the medicines in his pocket. She asks shall I change here, I have to go to hospital, all rooms are occupied. He thinks what to do, if she gets my phone….

Precap: Krishna Chali London 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update Krishna and Veer follow Radhe. She says we will bring his true face out. Radhe dances with someone. Veer records him.