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Krishna Chali London 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Krishna Chali London 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Krishna Chali London 6 February 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Krishna Chali London full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Krishna scolding the men and beating them up to protect Veer. Veer looks at her rage. She says Dr. Veer is right, you all are illiterate, ask this man where was he when his daughter was dying, he was drinking wine with his friends, his daughter had vomits because of the medicine to flush out the poison from her stomach, she would have died if Veer didn’t save her, this man got you all here, if anyone touches Veer, I will hit all of you. She shouts Ajit. Ajit comes with hospital staff. They all protect Veer. Ajit frees Veer. The man asks what happened, don’t you want to teach them a lesson. He says I will show you and gets a knife to stab Krishna. Veer stops the man and holds the knife. His hand bleeds. He beats the man. Police comes and arrests the man. Veer sees Krishna and goes with her.

Krishna Chali London 6th February 2019

Sunaina talks to Nayani. She follows Nayani. Nayani says I m not running away, don’t worry, just get Shashank bailed out. She cries. Sunaina says I understand, I will talk to them, they won’t beat Shashank. Krishna does aid to Veer’s hand. Ajit tells everything to inspector. Veer sees Krishna. Krishna says it was not just me, entire staff was there and united.

Krishna Chali London 6 February 2019

Ajit asks what would we do without you. Veer says I don’t want the aid. He goes. Krishna goes to Veer. He asks her to knock the door before entering his cabin. She goes and knocks. She asks him to get aid done. He argues with her. She says Ajit said what he wanted, I told you we will tell everything to that girl’s parents. He says you think you are most intelligent, it was my decision, I didn’t tell you to come and save me, people were staining me and you saved me, the lioness of Kanpur, I m in this city just because of you. She says for me, we all are a team, you can’t be right every time, can’t the system get a chance, this isn’t a temple, you are not God, this is a hospital and you are a doctor, if you talk to patients nicely, you won’t lose anything. She turns to go and sees the lady crying.

Krishna Chali London Serial

Shuklain says this girl will do whatever she wants, she didn’t give any respect to Radhe, you just think of your business. Shukla says we need to bear that girl else hospital will collapse. Bela comes and says I have seen Radhe in dream. Shuklain asks her to leave her alone. Bela says I m the only one who can read your mind. They argue. Bela asks her to talk to the dead soul to know the truth. Shuklain asks what did you say. Bela says nothing, I will go and warm up the food for Triloki. She smiles and goes.

Veer says you should have got your daughter here and trusted us. The lady says forgive me, save my daughter, she will die. He says nothing will happen to her, we need to operate on her, you can take her in two days. The lady says I don’t have any money. He says I didn’t ask you for money. He asks her to wait outside. Krishna says I will prepare OT. Veer says yes, prepare yourself too, you will be performing the operation. She gets shocked. She says its difficult operation, I m not qualified. He asks why, you can guess what is going to happen, right? You have your team with you, I m not any God. She asks him not to make this a big issue. She says just you can perform the surgery, I m ready to apologize to you. He says I wish I could perform this surgery, but my hand is injured, sorry.

Krishna Chali London 7 February 2019

Precap: Krishna Chali London 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update Krishna goes to operate the girl and worries. She says we have to shift her to another hospital. Veer comes to operate the girl. He does the surgery.