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Krishna Chali London 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Krishna Chali London 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Krishna Chali London 7 February 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Krishna Chali London full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Krishna trying hard to save the patient. The nurse asks her to call Veer somehow, else the girl will die. Krishna says he has already decided, he won’t come, we have to shift the patient to another hospital. Veer comes and says you thought I will leave my patient to you, you aren’t qualified for this. He does the surgery. Krishna assists him. He makes a leave. The lady asks him how is her daughter now. Veer doesn’t say anything. Krishna says your daughter is fine, you can take her home in two days, Veer has saved her life. Veer hears them. The lady thanks them and goes. Veer sees Krishna.

Krishna Chali London 7th February 2019

Krishna comes to Veer and finds his hand hurt. He drops the car keys. She helps him. She says you won’t be able to drive. She gives him medicines. She keeps medicines in his jacket. He says don’t be sorry, I will manage, I know you have realized your mistakes and trying to help me, its okay, who knows that it will become headlines that you have apologized to me. She turns away.

Krishna Chali London 7 February 2019

He leaves. She calls him arrogant. Shuklain asks Bela what did she say, can they talk to the dead soul. Bela says yes, I know a tantric, anyways leave it, I want to take care of my married life. Shuklain asks is this possible. Bela says yes, I will cook food and serve it to my husband. Shuklain says I know you very well. Veer gets restless in sleep and recalls the accident. He wakes up and shouts. Sunaina comes there. He says he met with an accident. She says we are at home, you have fever, just lie down and sleep. Everything is fine. She makes him sleep. She calls Krishna and says so sorry to call you at this time, Veer is unwell. Krishna says I have already given him medicines. Sunaina says he had asked me to throw it, did you had a fight with him again. Krishna says I will come soon. Shuklain says Krishna comes and goes as she likes, she doesn’t find it imp to say.

Krishna Chali London Serial

She says take me to tantric, help me talk to my son once, he must be restless. Bela smiles. Krishna comes to meet Veer. Nayani says don’t know what happened to Veer. Krishna says I got medicines for him. Sunaina asks Nayani to go and sleep. Krishna goes to Veer and looks after him. Sunaina says he is strange, he is a doctor, he should take care of himself. Krishna calls Dubey and takes his help. He guides her. Krishna asks Sunaina to get a bowl of water and also socks. A file falls. Krishna doesn’t see the accident pics. Shuklain says take me to tantric right now, I can’t wait for a min, take me there. Bela says get ready, I will come. Krishna wipes Veer’s feet. Sunaina says I will do it, tell me. Krishna says its fine, when he gets conscious, tell him this home remedy. Sunaina says he will get a fever again knowing you have done this. Sunaina sits talking to Krishna. Krishna says ask Veer to smile sometimes, why is he always so rude. Sunaina says I want the same that he smiles, what shall I do, he is very unfortunate, happiness never lasts with him. Krishna says he hates me a lot.

Krishna Chali London 8 February 2019

Precap: Krishna Chali London 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update Shuklain is blindfold. Tantric fools her and says your son has come here. Shuklain says my son is touching my feet. Veer gets up and says I have killed him. Krishna looks at him. The pics fly around by wind.