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Krishna Chali London 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Krishna Chali London 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Krishna Chali London 7 March 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Krishna Chali London full show episodes on Apne Tv.

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The Episode starts with Veer saying sorry. Krishna asks why did you come to this camp. He says maybe I m also a doctor and wanted your forgiveness. She says I have forgiven you, just go, why are you after me. He asks why are you talking to me like this. She says I had told you that I don’t want to see your face. He says don’t repeat this again, I made a mistake, you want me to hold my ears, I don’t want you to do a favor, I won’t go anywhere until you forgive me by heart. She says fine then. Aayan asks is everything okay. She says yes. Aayan says I was going for lunch, you should also join us. Veer says no thanks, I like to have lunch alone, you two have lunch together. Krishna goes to Aayan. He asks what’s Veer’s problem. Krishna says Veer is concerned for patients, come. They go.

Krishna Chali London 7th March 2019

Sunaina gets worried by the stormy winds. She asks Nayani to shut the door. Sunaina sees someone at the door. Krishna helps some people. She sees Veer. She goes to Aayan. Gajanan and Lali talk about Krishna and Veer’s fight. Lali supports Veer. Gajanan asks what’s going on, don’t think all this, if mum and dad know this, it will be a big problem. She says Veer supports Krishna as Radhe used to do, does Krishna live like this always. Krishna says Veer and I don’t agree for anything, we have a small problem. Aayan asks how does it matter. She says you and Veer are different. He says you are a very talented girl. Lali says I want to see Krishna’s smile. Gajanan says storm is coming, just come. Aayan says I will get patients from the tent. Shivani arrives there. Veer asks Gajanan to take Lali to safe house. He asks where is Krishna.

Krishna Chali London 7th March

He shouts Krishna. He sees Krishna pulling a tent rope to save the children. He goes to help her. He asks her to take kids and go to safe house. He falls down and collides with Shivani. They get wrapped around in a cloth and roll on the ground. He gets shocked seeing Shivani. She says its so good to see you, this beard suits you a lot, we got separated long ago. Krishna looks on. Veer gets up. She asks are you still annoyed with me, see the storm ended when I met you. He says I m very happy seeing you after many years, I m very busy, I will meet you later.

Krishna Chali London 7 March 2019

He shouts Krishna. Shivani stops him and says its been ten years, I searched for you in every relation, when I knew you are in India, I have come, I met your mum and got to know you are here. She finds him hurt. He says relax, I have imp work, I will be back. He goes. Nayani asks Sunaina why did she do this, despite knowing everything what’s going on in Veer’s mind, why did she send Shivani. Sunaina says I understand everything, it was imp to stop Veer from getting attached to Krishna. Nayani says Shivani is his past.

Krishna Chali London 7 March

Sunaina asks wha should I do, Krishna’s life will be miserable, she is a widow, Veer’s behavior will make her life hell, I won’t let this happen, I want to protect both of them, its imp to separate them. Veer goes to Krishna. She sprays disinfectant in the tent. She sees his wound and says sorry, you are hurt, how did this happen. She does the aid. He looks at her. She asks how did this happen. He says maybe I got this wound when I was saving kids. She asks him not to take everything casually.

Krishna Chali London Serial

She scolds him. The man asks shall we do arrangements for your guest’s stay. Veer says I will tell you later. He tries to tell Krishna. She says I m least interested to know about your life, when it hurts, it really pains. Shivani comes there to them. She asks are you a nurse or a maid. She scolds Krishna. Veer sees Krishna. Shivani does the aid to his hand again. Shivani asks Krishna to leave. Krishna leaves. Veer says Krishna is volunteering here, she isn’t any maid. Shivani says really, but she looked like a maid, sorry to overreact, I will apologize to her, don’t be angry on me, I was scared seeing your wound. Krishna sees them hugging in shadow.

Precap: Aayan asks Veer to come and join. He says Krishna and I are going near bonfire. He sings a song. Veer and Krishna see each other.