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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update. Hotstar Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15 January 2019 Full Episode of Star Plus hindi drama serial Kulfi Kumar Bajewala full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th January 2019 Episode Begin With Mohendar scolds gunjan for joining hands with Tony, Bebe asks why is he doing so, Mohendar tells Bebe gunjan did everything, Gunjan says yes I did it because I wanted to tell everyone that girls are upto this and also I wanted lovely out of this and kulfi should get what she deserves. Sikander tells councillor that they don’t want divorce, he says I can see your future till amyra gets 18 you will be together but by then you will have hatred filled in your heart, don’t find excuse to stay together find reasons.

Amyra says kulfi my eyes are paining, Kulfi says god not one more thing, amyra says it’s because of too much crying like world record of crying but no problems are solved, Kulfi says means we need more crying, amyra says we need to me more strong, let’s promise we won’t cry,Kulfi says not even ones.

Councillor says of you two aren’t happy how will Amyra be, Lovely asks what will we do now, he says you did everything try falling in love, be a team be friends, and if you can’t you will be just her guardians and not parents, so in 30 days if you don’t convince me that you are a team I will have to inform court about divorce.

Gunjan calls Nimrat and says you wanted to meet Sikander right, but I was asking not to, but I’m saying now come visit him. Sikander says to lovely we will give a try to this one too and be a team, Lovely says you never loved me then how come in 30 days we will fall in love, why did I do all the mistakes only for Amyra, I could go with Tevar too, but I always choose you, I love you sikander, and always did and you never did.

Kulfi says Amyra we feel good after crying, amyra says fine only tears of joy are allowed, even if dad cry’s, Kulfi says and what if I miss mom, amyra says miss her happily, we will cry only when we are happy or injured, promise me, Kulfi says it’s tough but okay. Lovely says Sikander I don’t need 30 days to say I love you I trust you, because I do but now I don’t trust you, sikander says because of Nimrat, Lovely says no that was your past and we both had our past, Sikander asks then when did I break your trust, Lovely says when you let me and amyra go and let Kulfi stay with you.

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