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Ladies Special 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Ladies Special 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update. Tellyupdates Ladies Special 12 March 2019 Full Episode of Sony Liv hindi drama serial Ladies Special full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Ladies Special 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in

Meghna and family walk away from hospital greeting Amar and Bindu. Amar asks Bindu why she looks so tired, she can come to his cabin and have tea. Bindu says she is relaxed that Meghna’s problem is solved. Bindu sees Kangana and calls her. Kangana nervously asks how is she. Bindu reminisces Kangana’s emotional blackmail, Meghna’s warning that Kangana is doing drama to get Amar, peon informing that Kagnana asked him to give papers to Mota pappa, Mota pappa getting heart attack, etc.., then thinks she will inform anything to Amar. Kangana walks away. Amar reminisces warning Kangana that he will not let her near him, else she will be more emotionally weak and use all means to emotionally blackmail him. Meghna and Jyoti check their online bank account on laptop and once their.

Ladies Special 12th March 2019

first payment is credited, they get very happy and inform employees that their salary will be paid tonight. They all celebrate. Mandar enters and asks what is happening. Meghna says their first payment came and she found it via her laptop.
At Bindu’s home, Mota pappa plays bluff with Moti mamma and physiotherapist Bheem Singh. He reminisces Amar checking his muscles and saying there is no progress, so he will get another physiotherapist; he says Bheem Singh is best and even scolds him if he does exercise wrongly. Bindu returns home and rings bell.

Ladies Special 12th March

They get alert and Mota pappa acts as exercising his hand. Bheem opens door. Bindu asks about sound. He says it is an alarm for senior citizens’ safety. Bindu gets happy seeing Mota pappa exercising. After sometime, Bindu sees Moti mamma crying sitting in a corner and asks reason. She reveals that Mota pappa is not exercising as he feels if he gets well, Bindu will leave home; she is worried that he will get more weak. Bindu stands amused.

Ladies Special 12th March

Puneeth drives his taxi. Two young women get into his car and watch Prarthana’s singing video. He says she is his elder sister. They joke that Varun Dhawan is her boyfriend then. They see Prarthana wearing yellow dress and seeing similar dress in a shop ask Puneeth to stop cab in tghe middle of road and walk towards shop yelling at him. Back home, Puneeth sees Prarthana tensed as father has not returned home yet. Viraj says he will check in studio and on the way. Puneeth accompanies him.

Ladies Special 12 March

Meghna distributes salary to employees. Jyoti serves samosas to all. Mandar takes everyone’s sign after giving chequees. Bindu offers him sweet box. He angrily says he will finish work first and then go home and have it. Back home, Mandar gives his salary to Meghna and says he has not changed yet. Meghna asks if he is still angry on her for buying laptop. Mandar says it is not because of that, it is because she took decision without informing him while till now they took any decision together. Meghna says it holds good for family and not for business. Mandar gets disheartened hearing that.

Precap:Meghna asks Mandar if she should buy cycle to their children. Children insist. Bindu confronts Mota pappa for not doing physiotherapy exercises fearing she will leave his house.