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Ladies Special 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Ladies Special 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update. Tellyupdates Ladies Special 7 June 2019 Full Episode of Sony Liv hindi drama serial Ladies Special full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Ladies Special 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
Meghna gets out of house for factory when she hears ladies badmouthing that she kicked out her husband from house in arrogance after opening a company. Her new finance head Santosh greets her and says contract and presentation are ready and if she will check once. Meghna looking at women says why not, it is a very big order. In Bindu’s house, Mota pappa and Moti mamma see Bindu’s red eyes and ask why her and Amar’s eyes are red. Bindu says something fell in her eyes. Mota pappa asks to tell truth. She says she gets racing thoughts and cried whole night. He asks reason. She says she wants to win over Amar and does not want to lose. Mota pappa asks what kind of game. She says she cannot explain.

Ladies Special 7th June 2019

Prarthana rejects Viraaj’s proposal saying she does not have any problem with his richness, but she could not tolerate his lie; when he did not trust her, how can she. Viraaj returns to his eyes with swollen eyes. Seetaram gives him goggles saying he understood what happened and suggests him not to stop even if his legs break. He calls his father crying and explains his problem. His father says if his love is true, he will get Prarthana for sure, and he is coming there to help him. On the other side, Kangana also calls her father crying and explaining her ordeal asks him to come soon as she needs Amar at any cost. Father says he is coming there and will get her Amar at any cost.

Ladies Special 7th June

Mandar returns to factory with Khadar Bhai. Lady employees discuss he came to change rules again against their favor. Mandar walks into factory. Khadar bhai scolds them and says because of them, Mandar left house and reminisces Mandar paying 50% room advance and sharing it with Khadar bhai. Mandar walks back and asks them to get in soon before they are blamed for incurring losses. While working, lady employee collapses and they all find her having high fever. Mandar asks her to go home. She says they are paid on per piece basis, she cannot take leave as she needs money badly to pay her son’s school fees.

Ladies Special 7 2019 June

Mandar suggests other employees to make extra piece each for their colleague and let her go hme today. They resist at first but agree later. Santosh opposes and says it is against company rules. Mandar warns not to interfere in his department. Meghna enters and hears their conversation. Mandar calling her madam asks her to inform Santosh not to interfere in his department. Meghna backs Mandar rejecting Santosh’s explanation. Santosh says soon they are supporting each other now, but will fight soon. Meghna says let us see. She sits in chair yelling at Mandar and thinking she will prove that he is wrong and she is right. She calls him and asks him to check quotation.

Precap:Viraaj’s father orders Daas that if Prarthana does not work for them, make sure she does not get job anywhere else. Bindu collapses waiting in temple que under sun.