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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update. Tellyupdates Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 7 March 2019 Full Episode of Sony Liv hindi drama serial Main Maike Chali Jaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Satya asks Jaya to return back to Samar. Jaya happily runs towards Samar and tries to hug him. Samar moves aside and asks what happened to him. He says he will marry Shanaya instead and says she always went to Rama in trouble, but when Rama was troubled by Satya, she did not utter anything. He starts jokergiri and says his skin glow vanished and he is called Samar uncle by kids instead of Samar bhaiya; she should return back to her maika. Rama says she does not need such a puppet bahu, let us go home. Samar says he loves Jaya. Satya says Samar cannot stop his drama. Jaya asks not to badmouth about Samar. Satya says when they cannot hear against each other, why don’t they reunite and asks Jaya to go and hug Samar. Jaya hugs Samar. Tere naam ki koi kasak hainaa….song plays in the background. Everyone rejoice. Daadi thanks god for reuniting kids. Satya asks Shivji if he will not destroy her. Rama says when she has destroyed her evilness, god will not destroy her. Both families reunite.

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 7th March 2019

Satya says let us start engagement ritual. Dhruv’s daadi stops them and says whatever happened is good, if Dhruv’s engagement will happen or not. Everyone say yes. Samar says he will not get engaged to Jaya if Dhruv and Shanaya are not engaged. Samar says they will. Shanaya says both men’s rings are same and girls’ rings are same. Daadi says they all are of lovely nature. Samar/Jaya and Dhruv/Shanaya exchange rings while everyone clap for them. Samar and Jaya’s romance starts next.

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 7th March

They both sit down and express their love for each other addressing their different qualities and fall asleep. Once out of inebriation, Jaya wakes up and seeing Samar next to her asks what is he doing here. Samar sees rings and asks if they got engaged, to whom. Jaya says she got engaged to Dhruv and he got engaged to Shanaya. Samar says then why don’t they remember anything and asks a neighbor lady if she knows what happened here yesterday. Lady says yesterday everyone drank bhang mixed milk and nobody remembers what happened yesterday. Samar with Jaya runs towards home.

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 7 March 2019

Samar and Jaya reach home and see everyone sleeping on floor and sofas. They are surprised to see Dhruv and Shanaya wearing same rings and ask Naani it she remembers what happened yesterday. Nani says she does not. They wake up everyone and ask if they remember what happened yesterday. They all say no. Jaya does not find Satya and asks Naani if she knows where mama is. Richa and Puneeth search whole house and say they did not find Satya anywhere. Samar and Puneeth walk out of house to search her. Dhruv calls Satya’s mobile. Samar asks neighbors if they saw Satya. They all say no. Puneeth suggests Samar not to search Satya so much, else she will return back and try to separate him and Jaya. Samar says it is a serious concern and they have to find Satya soon as nobody knows remembers what happened yesterday. They rush towards temple to search her there.

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 7 March

Dhruv tells Jaya that Satya aunty’s phone is not reachable and they should wait till Samar and Puneeth return to file missing complaint. Naani asks Rama’s family to go home. Rama says they cannot before Satya is found, though their relationship is tarnished now. Samar searches Satya in temple. Puneeth suggests Samar to call photographer who was recording yesterday’s event. Samar does not find his mobile, and it is seen on Nandiji’s idol. Samar returns home and asks Satya to call photographer Rajesh and ask to get him video clippings, they can find out where Satya is. Jaya calls Rajesh and requests for clippings who asks to come to his shop and get clippings. Samar accompanies Jaya to get clippings.

Recip. Samar Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 7 March 2019 Written Update Someone returns Samar’s phone. Samar says he recorded yesterday’s whole event in it and they will know what happened yesterday. Satya gets tensed.