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Manmohini 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Manmohini 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Zee5 Manmohini 11 February 2019 Full Episode of Zee Tv hindi drama serial Manmohini full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Mohini raises sword to behead Siya. Dayimaa’s head pleads her to stop. Mohini laughing attacks Siya, but falls far away. She throws sword and checking Siya’s breath says she is not breathing, then how is she alive till now. Dayimaa say she is Siya and her love for Ram will not let her die. At haveli, Dadimaa asks Vivian if he got any news of Ram and Siya. Vivian says someone saw Ram last in nearby temple. Mallika yells she is so much worried about Siya as if Siya is god and will not die. Dadimaa slaps her and warns to dare she is to ill speak about Siya. Vivian stops her and winks at Mallika to behave. Ram is seen running in jungle searching Siya and pleads got to show him way like she does to Siya always. Mohini gets Hukum Singh out of his grave. Dayimaa seeing his body

cries that he was royal’s family’s loyal and apologizes for failing to save him. Mohini wakes him up up via her black magic and says he had considered her as his granddaughter though by her trick, now he should help her by checking if Siya is alive. Hukum Singh checks Siya’s pulse and chanting Ram Ram Ram..bursts into pieces and his head says Siya is Devi and though her heart is not beating, god stays in her heart, she will not die until her husband is alive.

Ram continues searching Siya. A boy enters and runs away snatching is Ramayan. Ram runs behind him. In haveli, Vivian over phone hires goons to search Dayimaa and promises 50 lakhs reward. Dadimaa cries why did Dayimaa betray them. Dayimaa’s head says she did not betray anyone and injust inflicted superficial injury to Siya, but Mohini tricked them, now Hanumaji himself is helping Ram to save Siya. Ram continues running behind boy. Boy climbs tree. Ram pleads to return his book. Boy throws book. Ram runs and holds it and sees boy turning into Hanumanji. He realizes that Hanumanji was giving her.

Mohini goes to old fort and thinks she and Ram’s love was at peak in his place and calls Ram to come here. Ram reads about Lanka in Ramayan and thinks it is pointing towards some island, reminisces meeting Siya at an island fort and reminiscing telling Dayimaa he wants to go to a fort where he, Siya and Dayima met first. Dayimaa warns him not to go there as it is a dead fort. He runs towards fort while Mohini invites him to come soon.

Precap: Manmohini 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update Mohini buries Siya into ground and hopes Ram will come therre.