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Mere Sai 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Mere Sai 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update. Tellyupdates Mere Sai 7 June 2019 Full Episode of Sony Liv hindi drama serial Mere Sai full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Mere Sai 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
Srikanth confronts Kulkarni that being a widow is curse because of people like him and if he is questioning his authority, he will marry Govinda’s mother and then she will be his responsibility. Kulkarni angrily slaps him and tries again, but Srikanth holds his hand and says Govinda’s mother also has right to live in the society with dignity. He continues that people like Kulkarni does not consider widow as human, so he will marry Chihu if she agrees. Shirdi people watching this discuss how can this happen, they never saw widow’s remarriage. Kulkarni senses opportunity and shouts sinner eyeing on a widow, if he is let in Shirdi, he will eye on married women also.

Mere Sai 7th June 2019

A woman supports Kulkarni and warns Srikanth to leave Shirdi before they all kick him out. Kulkarni continues provoking Shirdi people and asks them to punish the sinner. All men pick lathis/sticks and hit Srikanth, but their hands stop. Even palanquin carrying men drop palanquin feeling it heavy. Chihu comes out. Sai enters and says only Chihu has right to decide about herself. Villagers ask Sai why he is supporting sinner Srikanth. Sai asks whoever is supporting Chihu can stand with her.

Mere Sai 7th June

Champa, Jhipri, and other Sai’s ardent disciples stand with Chihu. Sai says everyone has a right to live with dignity and if by tomorrow they think Srikanth is doing wrong by trying to give dignified life to Chihu, he himself will drop Chihu to widow home. Everyone agree and return home. Sai asks disciples to take Chihu and Govinda to their house. Srikanth asks Sai if he thinks things will change overnight. Sai chants a poem and says anything can happen even in a second, in 1 day a lot can happen and he should hope for the best.

Mere Sai 7 June 2019

Govinda while sleeping reminisces Srikanth’s concern and love for him, even Chihu reminisces Srikanth’s fondness for Govinda. Women dream about their heads being tonsured and forcefully being sent to widow home while their children cry for them. Next morning, husbands meet and discuss what their wife dreamt of. Women also discuss same. They all reach Dwarkamayi and ask Sai what did they all see same dream. Sai asks what did they feel when they experienced troubles of a widow.

Precap: Sai’s muslim disciple excitedly says he has a wish, why don’t they all. Hindu disciples wish to celebrate ram navami with god’s idol’s procession. Muslim disciple gets sad hearing that.