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Naagin 9th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Naagin 9th March 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Naagin 9 March 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Naagin full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Naagin Season 3 9th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
The Episode starts with Sumitra asking Mahir/krish to marry Ruhi. Mahir says when did I refuse? He says I was late from pandal? Sumitra asks why did he come late? Mahir tells that he is not her servant and says we had decided that I will get a major part of the share, and says you asked me to save a girl, I saved her, you asked me to marry Ruhi, I agree, and says I don’t mind and says he can do anything for a beautiful girl. Sumitra says you have to marry Ruhi. She says I want to just zip your mouth. Mahir says ok. Bela, Vish and Vikrant come there with Kuhu. Sumitra asks Mahir if he is making sound. Mahir says not me. Sumitra asks what are you doing here. Vikrant says they came to attend the marriage and enjoy. Bela says who is asking us, my sasuma or huzur or hukum’s Ghulam. Sumitra asks them

Naagin 9th March 2019

She says he is the one, my love because of him, I forgot all the pain of my life, who made me forgive the betrayal and says he is the only one. Mahir/Krish comes and says yes…my love. Bela is shocked to see Mahir/Krish walking towards fake Ruhi. He holds her hand and stand with her. Vish, Vikrant and Bela are shocked. Sumita smiles. Bela says Mahir and goes towards him, but Huzur’s women hold her….Bela says Mahir is my husband. Huzur asks don’t you have any more shame? Bela says I can bear anything, but can’t bear to see anyone snatching my love. She asks the snake women to leave else she will kill them. She comes towards Mahir, but he stops her.

Naagin 9th March

to go. Kuhu says we will decorate the plate. Sumitra calls her shameless not to mourn for her father’s death. Vikrant says we will mourn once you get ruined. Sumitra asks them to go backwards. Vikrant says chudails go backwards. Bela says it is a crime to marry when first wife is alive. Sumitra says I didn’t know and asks her to call Police. Bela says I have a better idea and tells mahir that she has a good news and says she is very happy and is marrying someone. Sumitra says who will marry you. bela says there are many guys and tells that she is marrying Krish and asks Mahir to come. She asks Vikrant to play the music and says they shall celebrate the jashn. Mahir looks on.
Huzur is doing some magic. Sumitra comes there. Huzur asks her to close the door. Sumitra says I didn’t know you are doing prakiya. She tells that Bela started a new drama and tells that she wants to marry Krish. Huzur laughs and says let me understand what she thought. She thinks I am marrying mahir who is not Mahir, and that Krish is going infront of her as Mahir and sometimes Krish. Sumitra says how she will marry Krish. There is just one man. Huzur says Bela is thinking Mahir is marrying me, and says we want her to be shock and give her naagmani’s address. Sumitra says how these marriages will marry and says Krish is a flirt and wants one more girl. Huzur says she didn’t think bela is a fool. Bela thinks she is not a fool and says she went in trauma when she thought Mahir died, but she knew that Mahir will not die. She says Mahir came infront of you as Krish.

Naagin 9 March 2019

Vish comes to Bela’s room happily. Bela says you are more excited than me. Mahir brings gifts. Vish takes gifts one by one. Bela sees Mahir. Vish asks bela how did she like? She asks them to carry on and leaves. Bela gets emotional and hugs him. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…..plays….Mahir gets emotional too. Bela says thank god Mahir ji and says everything is clear in my mind and asks him to tell about krish. Mahir says I didn’t die in that fire and wants all those guilty to be punished. He tells that he made a plan and made Sumitra believe that he is Krish, when she sees him in market. He says Sumitra did a deal with him. He tells that he was feeling pain, not to hug her, not to wipe her tears etc. Bela says it is ok and asks who is Huzur and Hukum? Mahir says I didn’t know them and tells that Sumitra planned to make you mad and told me that I can confuse you about my identity. He says she is so evil. A fb is shown, Sumitra asks Mahir to torture Bela emotionally and mentally so that she tells about the place of Naagmani. Fb ends. He says they are still after naagmani. Bela says their greed will not end. Mahir says they want to become mad and tell about Naagmani seeing me marrying Ruhi. He asks how did you identify me. Bela says I understood when you saved me, and says you didn’t give me a hint, even a smallest one. Bela says you did many mistakes, strawberry icecream and shivratri incident. She teases him and says she likes Krish, as he is very romantic. Mahir asks if I am not romantic. Bela says you are good boy, but girls like bad boys. She says that’s why she is marrying Krish. Mahir pulls her closer and tells her that her husband will not feel bad. Mahir says Krish and Mahir, both are same and kisses on her cheeks. Bela says she is marrying him so that he can’t marry someone else. Mahir asks if she is jealous. Bela says she can’t let him become of anyone else and says you are mine for 7 births. She asks him to see her acting now. They hug each other.

Naagin 9 March

They set two mandaps in Andy’s house. Sumitra asks the decorator to decorate the poor ones mandap with genda/marigold flowers. Rohini asks them to get jewellery uttaran from Huzur. Vish says Huzur is marrying bela’s husband so uttaran is going there. Mahir comes to Bela’s room. Bela says if anyone sees you here, then? Mahir says he is in his character of krish and says he is romantic. He kisses on her cheeks and asks if she is getting married in this dress. Bela says yes, and says she was upset when she got married to him before, and is now relieved that he knows her truth, don’t hate her and love her. Mahir says I love you so much and hugs her. Bela asks do have any problem with my naagin costume. Mahir says you are looking hot.

Huzur tells Sumitra that she will get marry in her naagin costume. Sumitra says what Bela will think when Krish don’t come. Huzur says she has planned everything. Mahir asks how we will execute our plans. Bela says everything will be done. Vish comes to Bela and Mahir and asks them to come. Mahir says you are naagin and enemy of love. Bela asks if everyone is ready with their plan. Vish says yes and asks them to come. Bela says we have to find out how Huzur got my roop/ avatar etc. She says this is the only way to know everything. Vish asks them to come. Mahir asks if there is any message for Krish. Bela asks him to give message that his would be bride is waiting for him. Mahir says Krish gave me message asking you not to call him Mahir. He gives her rose and hugs her, says I love you. Bela says I love you too. Bela and Vish are getting down the stairs. Sumitra says poor people, and asks them to let them go. Bela asks Vish to let them go. Snake men say naagrani Ruhi ki Jai. Boltu cheers for Bela. Vish says Boltu alone is enough. Huzur gets upset and asks where is your groom? Bela says he is getting ready. Vish asks if your groom didn’t come, and says we will wait for your defeat.

Naagin 9th March 2019

Pandit ji asks them to call the groom. Huzur’s men bring Mahir. Huzur asks where is your groom? Sumitra says we shall not waste time. Someone comes there in mahir’s avatar and says babe did you miss you. Huzur and Sumitra are shocked. Bela introduces mahir to the other. Huzur asks Sumitra asks who he? If he is a snake who came here as Krish. Sumitra says everyone hates her, nobody will do this. Huzur comes infront and asks who is my groom. Mahir says what are you saying. Huzur asks him to give code. Mahir says my work is to reach naagmani. Huzur takes Mahir to side and asks who is he? Mahir says he is her man and he gave him money to become Mahir. He says Bela will get emotional and will tell me. Huzur gets impressed and says lets go and marry. Mahir and Bela sit in the mandap. Huzur thinks Bela is marrying an imposter. A fb is shown, Bela makes plan to Ruhi married to a snake as the fake mahir. Huzur tells fake Mahir that she is getting bored. Fake Mahir says even me. Yuvi scares Pandit ji and asks him to hurry up. Pandit ji asks them to do ghatbandhan and asks them to stand for rounds. They get up and start taking rounds.

Vikrant asks Vish to see and says because of you, a real girl is marrying a naagin for the first time because of you. A fb is shown, Vish opposes Vikrant’s decision to marry ruhi. Vikrant says then who will marry her then. Vish says I can’t become a man as I have become during Rehaan’s time. Vish scolds him. Vikrant says we are helpless. Vish says she is beautiful. Mahir says she is hot? Bela pats on him. Juhi comes there and says I am ready to marry that imposter girl. Fb ends.

Boltu asks Kuhu who is the real Mahir? Kuhu asks him to throw the petals. Huzur and Juhi are taking rounds. Vish does Bela and Mahir’s ghatbandhan. Pandit ji asks them to sit. Huzur’s pandit ji asks them to sit and says rounds are completed now. Mahir and Bela take rounds and give promise to each other. Juhi makes Huzur wear mangalsutra. They give the wedding vows to each other. Mahir says I will keep you happy for 7 births, and says he will fight, but will love her double. Pandit ji asks Bela to come infront. Mahir says we will take the rounds together and will die together and live together.

PRECAP- Yuvi sees Juhi hiding. Bela asks Hukum, why she is silent after seeing Rani. Huzur and Bela see something and get shocked.