Parineetii Chopra plays the lead in Parineetii, a Colors TV drama that brings together romance, rivalry, and reincarnation. Parinetii is a princess with special powers whose soul has been reincarnated as Parineetii. Her love story with Prem begins smoothly but soon has her facing challenges from her evil stepmother and stepsister. There are also some tense moments for Parineti and Prem when she believes he’s falling for his competitor at work.Parineetii is the second-oldest of four daughters, each born to a different father. Love triangles are not uncommon in royal families so it’s no surprise that Parineeti has suitors coming at her from all directions. She can’t choose between Prince Viren and Raja Vikram Singh, both worthy suitors who want to wed her and rule the kingdom beside her as queen. It’s not until she meets Prem that she knows where her heart truly resides.

Prem & Parineeti’s Love Story

Prem is a charming and successful businessman who is in love with Parineeti the moment he sets his eyes on her at a party thrown by his sister. He’s an incredibly romantic guy who likes to shower his wife with gifts, surprises, and words of love. The two hit it off well when they finally meet and it’s not long before they’re taking their relationship to the next level and becoming engaged.

They are committed to making their love last for a lifetime, which is why Prem wants to ensure that the family trees of both the rich and royal Rajput family and his own troubled family are pruned before he marries Parineeti.Parineeti’s parents had a whirlwind romance, got married quickly, and were killed in a tragic car accident just as they were beginning to discover parenthood. Parineeti was just a baby then and her sisters were too young to understand what had happened to their parents.Prem and Parineeti’s wedding is a grand affair and they make the decision to take a break from their normal lives and travel the world together. Prem wants to show his bride the world and Parineeti is ready to leave behind all the pressures of being heir to a kingdom and just be herself for a while.

Parineeti’s Stepfamily Drama

Parineeti’s wedding to Prem is a happy occasion, but her new stepfamily has a lot of baggage to deal with. Her evil stepmother, Sona, is desperate to have her own daughter Rhea married to Prince Viren, Parineeti’s cousin. She’s jealous that Parineeti has come into the family and that Prem has chosen to wed Parineeti when he could have had Rhea.

Sona is cruel and cold to her daughters and even though she’s welcoming to Parineeti, you know it will all come to a head at some point. She doesn’t want to see her stepdaughter happy and she believes Rhea is better suited to be queen beside Prince Viren.Rhea is a mean girl and she has a particular dislike for Parineeti. She begins to turn Parineeti’s family against her and tries to break up Prem and Parineeti by making it appear that Prem is in love with her.

Prem & Parineti Face Obstacles Together

Prem and Parineeti take their honeymoon to the Caribbean but they soon find themselves dealing with an unexpected obstacle. Rhea has stolen Prem’s phone and sent an email making it appear that he’s in love with her. Parineeti is hurt and confused and she believes that Prem has betrayed her. She’s heartbroken but vows to continue with their trip. She doesn’t want to go home and Prem doesn’t want her to return to the kingdom without him. He wants them to figure things out together.

They return home after a few days and Prem discovers that Rhea has been behind the emails. He approaches Parineeti and sets the record straight. He’s upset with himself for falling into Rhea’s trap but he still has Parineeti’s heart and he knows they’re going to have a long and happy life together. They’re now ready to tackle the world as husband and wife.

Final Thoughts

Parineeti is a sweet and romantic drama that follows the love story of Parineeti and Prem. Prem is a charming and dashing business owner who is instantly taken with Parineeti when she comes into his life. The two hit it off well, and Prem is convinced that she’s the one for him. He’s eager to get the two of them married, but first he wants to make sure that the families of both he and Parineeti are pruned.

Prem and Parineeti soon find themselves dealing with an unexpected threat when Rhea sends an email to Prem that makes it appear that he’s in love with her. Parineeti is hurt but vows to continue with their trip. When they return home, Prem figures out that Rhea has been behind the emails and he clears things up with his wife. Now Prem and Parineeti are ready to tackle the world as husband and wife!

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