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Raja Beta 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Raja Beta 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update. Zee5 Raja Beta 10 June 2019 Full Episode of Zee Tv hindi drama serial Raja Beta full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Raja Beta 10 June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
The Episode starts with Vedant is going out and tells that Purva was worried. Sanju asks Pankhudi what happened to your sister. Pankhudi says test needs to be done. Sanju says what might be the cause. He says everyone is assuming that she is pregnant. Pankhudi asks who wants to become the doctor fast. Sanju says everyone. Pankhudi says symptoms can be of many diseases. Sanju says even pregnancy. Pankhudi asks him to ask Vedant. Sanju holds her hand as she is about to leave.

Raja Beta 10th June 2019

Dadi comes and reminds Sanju that they are not married yet. Purva gains consciousness. Pankhudi tells her that Vedant gave her injection to make her sleep. Purva asks if Vedant came to know that I am pregnant. She is shocked. Gomti, Sumiti and Manjula come there with food. Manjula makes her drink soup. Pankhudi thinks everyone is showering ove now and will insult and kick you out, till then enjoy. Sumiti tells that they are experienced. Purva says my head is paining. Dadi comes and asks everyone to go. She asks Purva to rest. Pankhudi asks Purva to have medicine and says Dr. Vedant prescribed it. Purva asks her to go and says I want to rest.

Raja Beta 10th June

Sanju tells Ramesh that Pankhudi said that the disease can be anything. Purva is in her room and goes to bathroom. She takes bath under the shower and recalls searching Rahul on their marriage day. She recalls her marriage with Vedant and their love. She asks why this is happening with me, I did a mistake and trusted a wrong guy, I have done a mistake then why Vedant is getting punished. She says he made me understand the meaning of love and gave me so much love that I forgot the pain. She thinks how to give him pain and break his dream of happy family. She says Vedant will not get punished and will not pay for my mistakes.

Raja Beta 10 June 2019

Later, she is standing near the window, Vedant comes and asks how are you? He says you will be fine with the medicines and asks her to keep the food light. Purva says I am sorry Vedant. She says I understood today what you are trying to ask me today. She says you might have understood, but I came to know today itself that I am pregnant. Vedant says if you had not idea that you are pregnant. Purva says I didn’t understand the symptoms, my monthly cycle has been irregular so she never thought that she is pregnant. Vedant asks if she means what this pregnancy means. Purva says my past came in the future, she says I trusted a wrong guy and our relation is getting punished. Vedant says truth is that the baby is between us, this is the reality of our life. Purva says we can’t change the truth, but if we want then can change our destiny. She says we can change our future. Vedant says we are not alone in this world and many people are connected with us and their feelings. Purva says I am connected with you and you are with me, says I love you very much and can’t imagine my life without you. Vedant closes his eyes. Purva says you loved me forgetting my past, but this thing is of my past and asks if they can’t forget this as a bad dream and says everyone shall get a second chance. Vedant says Purva you…

Purva holds his hand and says she wants to start family with him and tells that she doesn’t want this baby who is not needed. She says we have no option than to abort this baby. Vedant gets up shockingly. Purva asks him to think practically and says this baby brings pain and bad memories and most importantly if he will be happy in this world. She says we shall handle our relation at the right time. Dadi comes there and knocks on the door. Purva wipes her tears and smiles. Dadi asks if Purva is better. Vedant says yes. He says blood test is done and asks Dadi if she have medicine. Dadi says no. Vedant takes her to make her have medicine. Dadi sits on her bed and tells that her fingers are paining. He asks if there is something wrong with Purva. Vedant says it seems like food poisoning and says reports are pending. He asks her not to worry. Dadi says I trust you and your pulse testing technique more than reports.

Precap: Pankhudi thinks to take advantage of the situation fully. She comes to Vedant and says I know that this baby is not yours. Vedant stands up shockingly.