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Raja Beta 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Raja Beta 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Zee5 Raja Beta 12 February 2019 Full Episode of Zee Tv hindi drama serial Raja Beta full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Ramesh telling a person to wear the gems ring tomorrow in the morning to change his destiny. The man tells that he believes him as he is Dr. Vedant’s father. Ramesh gets furious and says I am not his father. Man asks him not to get angry and offers 6000 Rs. Ramesh takes it. Gomti comes there and says new trouble is waiting for you. Vedant brings ovens, utensils and the food parcel containers. Purva is happy. Dadi asks him to take selfie. Vedant takes selfie with Purva and Dadi. Ramesh and Gomti look furious. Dadi gives her suggestion. Ramesh asks him to move all the things else he will burn it. Vedant says Purva will run her business using online business. Dadi asks if Purva will deliver the food. Vedant says no and tells that his patient has started his online business and.

Raja Beta 12 February 2019

his men will deliver the food. Ramesh taunts Vedant for not helping him. Vedant asks do you want to take my help. Ramesh goes. Dadi tells Purva that every girl shall get a loving husband like Vedant. Gomti instigates Ramesh. Ramesh says he will make Vedant know his value. Dadi does the puja. Purva thanks Vedant. Vedant says he is getting richer by her thanks.

Vedant comes to the kitchen in the night and sees Purva there. She tells him that she never worked in kitchen before, and says if someone had said that I will do baked food business then I would have said if it is a joke. Vedant says you are a strong woman and reminds that she ran from her wedding. He says sorry. They come to room. He asks her to sleep on bed.

Next morning, Vedant asks Dadi to take care of Purva. He gives her chocolate. Dadi says bribe. He says no. She gives him Prasad and says she will start loving you. He says he wants Purva and her to be happy. Dadi prays to God to unite them.

Raja Beta 12th February 2019

Ramesh comes out of house. Gomti is holding a placard and shows to Ramesh, saying delivery guy will run away seeing beware of dogs. Ramesh says we don’t have dogs at home. Gomti thinks of an idea. Vedant comes there. she hides the placard and makes an excuse.

Gomti asks Sumiti if she knows how to bark? Sumitra says yes and barks. Dadi comes and pulls her ear. They go inside. Dadi asks Purva if she needs help. Purva asks her to be with her for support. Dadi asks her to tell how baked patties are made. Purva tells her. Dadi blesses her and says you will go very far. Vedant talks to Vijay and asks if there is any order. He says no. Vedant thinks Purva shall not demotivate. Pankhudi calls Purva and calls her. She tells that she will give her first order. Just then she goes for emergency case. Purva gets and tells Dadi that she got the first order, thanks to Pankhudi. Delivery boy comes. Sumiti barks like dog, but the delivery boy comes inside. Ramesh tries to push him out, but Dadi stops him and asks Purva to give the order. Purva gives the order and tells Ramesh that Pankhudi ordered first. She calls her and thanks her. Pankhudi says she didn’t order first. Vedant gets the parcel and distributes it to his staff in the hospital.

Raja Beta 13 February 2019

Precap: Raja Beta 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update Vijay gives money to Purva for her first order. Ramesh takes the money and says he has right on hospital and house earnings. Vedant opposes his decision. Ramesh beats him with stick.