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Raja Beta 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Raja Beta 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update. Zee5 Raja Beta 17 April 2019 Full Episode of Zee Tv hindi drama serial Raja Beta full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Raja Beta 17th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
The Episode starts with Vedant asking Sanju to do whatever he wants and says you are not worried for Maa and Papa. Sanju says ok, I will do. He throws the match stick on carpet. The carpet catches fire. Vedant knocks on the door and breaks it. Ramesh and Manjula get worried. Vedant sets off the fire with his jacket. Ramesh hugs Sanju and asks if he is fine. He says you didn’t think about your father. Sanju says he don’t want a life without Pankhudi, and asks them to get him married to Pankhudi else let him die.

Raja Beta 17th April 2019

Vedant says we will sit and talk. Sanju says no. Vedant says we will sit and talk and snatches glass piece from Sanju’s hand. Sanju says you have done cheating. Ramesh agrees to get Sanju married Pankhudi. Sanju asks Ramesh if he is saying truth. Dadi tells that they are different personalities and will not be compatible. Ramesh is adamant on his decision. Purva says she will not let her sister marry him. Vedant says but. Manjula asks Vedant to make Purva understand. Ramesh says this marriage will happen.

Raja Beta 17th April

Vedant goes to Purva. Purva asks him not to try to make her understand and says she can’t ruin her sister’s life. Vedant says Sanju is not a bad guy. Purva says Pankhudi is a matured girl. Vedant says she had said that she wants to become Tripathi family bahu. He says Sanju is immature, but he is not a child. He says even Pankhudi wants to marry him. Ramesh comes there and calls Purva as bahu. He asks her to take shagun for Pankhudi. Manjula keeps the shagun. Ramesh says we agree for this alliance. Manjula says Sanju got agreed with much difficulty. Vedant says Purva will take shagun. Purva is shocked. They come to Sanju’s room. Sanju thanks Purva and says I will take care of Pankhudi well. Dadi asks Purva if she is taking the shagun. Purva says she is taking the shagun as the bahu, although she knows that this alliance is wrong. Ramesh says there is enough of discussion and asks her to take shagun. Manjula gives her bangles as shagun. Vedant says we shall go now. Purva says I will go alone.

Raja Beta 17 April 2019

Prateik meets Radhika and asks if she told her family about him. Radhika hugs him and says she couldn’t say as Sanju tried to commit suicide. Prateik says if family members agreed for Sanju’s love marriage then will agree for ours too. Radhika says don’t know. Prateik asks her to drink juice. They hug each other. Purva comes to Pankhudi’s staff quarter room. Pankhudi asks what did you bring? Purva says it is shagun of Sanju and your relation. Pankhudi says how can the family members agree. Purva tells that Sanju tried to commit suicide. Pankhudi says I don’t want to marry that mad guy. Purva says but you wanted to marry him. Pankhudi asks shall I cut my wrist and tells that Sanju is mad. She tells that she should have agreed for her saying and tells that she don’t want to marry Sanju.

Raja Beta April 2nd 2019

Purva says if you don’t want to marry then nobody will force you. Purva thinks what she will tell to Vedant and family. Sanju waits for Purva to return. Purva comes home. Dadi asks what happened? Purva says Pankhudi refused for this alliance, she refused to marry Sanju. Everyone is shocked. Ramesh says she is lying clearly. Sanju asks Purva why she is lying to him and asks you don’t care about my life. Gomti asks if she is jealous of her sister. Purva says Pankhudi herself refused to marry. Ramesh says this is a lie. Vedant comes there. Purva says I am saying the truth. Vedant comes there and tells that Pankhudi agreed to marry Sanju. Purva says I went just now. Vedant says I am coming just now.

A fb is shown, Sanju asks Vedant to go and talk to Pankhudi. He goes to meet Pankhudi. Vedant talks to Pankhudi and says I will never think about your bad and asks her to agree. Pankhudi says I would have agreed for marriage, but di will be upset. Vedant says I will convince her. fb ends. Purva says she refused to marry Sanju infront of me. Ramesh says she don’t want my son’s betterment. Sanju asks Purva not to do her wrong.

Purva comes to room and cries. Vedant tries to pacify her. Purva is upset with him. She says you went behind me to spy. Vedant says you are thinking wrong. Purva blames him for playing games with her and asks him why did he send her. Vedant says I called you saying that I am coming, but your phone was off. Purva checks her phone and it is off. Purva says Pankhudi really refused for marriage, then don’t know how she agreed. Vedant says she might be afraid of you and asks her to agree for their marriage. Purva says she is the bahu also and shall agree.

Precap: Pankhudi records the video and tells that Di will never let her marry Sanju. She will take advantage of the situation and will separate them.