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Roop 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Roop 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Roop 17 April 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Roop full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 17th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
Ishika’s mom asks her what she is doing? why you are saying all this for Roop? are you in senses? Ishika holds her hand and says I am sorry about yesterday, I think you shouldnt have come. Mom says I did what I should do as a mom but you did what a daughter and daughter in law shouldnt do, you created a drama there. Ishika says I know my wasy was not right but I have to face Roop. Mom says husband and wife are together to fight enemies not fight each other, ignore his acts and try to understand his thinking behind it, they are all your own, sit and talk to him, no one would act weirdly without any reason, you are their daughter in law so you have to keep balance there.

Roop 17th April 2019

Ishika says I tried everything. Mom says you cant lose hope so soon, you have responsibility to handle that house’s respect, did you talk to him after night? Ishika says he called but I didnt want to talk. Mom says my daughter is sensible so you know what to do. Ishika nods and hugs her. Roop is calling Jigna and Ishika but they are not picking up. Roop says I have to talk to them before Shamsher comes back from doctor. Roop goes to his training. One officer says that one officer in society is ill. Roop says I will go there. Officer says okay. Roop calls Himani and asks him to bring Jigna to an address. He calls Himanshu and asks him to bring Ishika there too.

Roop 17th April

Shamsher is outside police station. Bua comes there and says I have to go to market. Shamsher says I will take you. Himanshu comes to Ishika and says I was passingby so I will drop you. Himani comes to Jigna and says please come with me, Jigna says I dont want to talk. Himani says please. Himani brings Jigna to site. Officer salutes her but she says I am not an officer anymore. Jigna says you should be ashamed to say that. Himani says when you know truth then you will not say this. Himanshu brings Ishika to site and goes away from car. Himani takes Roop via microphone. Jigna can hear them. Roop says I have to tell truth. Jigna asks whats this drama? Roop says this is truth. Himani asys just wait for sometime.

Roop 17 April 2019

Shamsher’s car comes near Ishika’s car. Bua asks what she is doing here? Ishika says Himanshu is dropping me. She goes to find him. Roop starts talking in microphone. Shamsher hears it. Roop says Ishika and Jigna I did everything past few days for Shamsher as doctor told me his life is in danger, he used to drink too much so I promised myself to do anything to save him and I became Karoop from Roop, I am sorry, I have hurt you all, it hurt me to do all that, papa is everything for me. Jigna cries and says we thought wrong about him. Roop says I am still your Roop. Roop ends message and says Ishika will come to me and will be happy to know truth.

Ishika is rickshaw and thinks its good I got gift. Rickshaw stops. She sees Roop there but ignores him. Roop says she ignored me after knowing truth? Jigna comes to Roop and hugs him. Bua says to Shamsher that Roop cheated us. Shamsher says he loves me, he did everything to make me, he even became officer for me, I wont let him go away from me, he is my son, he went away from me because of Ishika, she dosnt have manners or anything. Bua says we wont let it happen. Shamsher says I promise to break Ishika and Roop’s relation, I know what to do. Bua calls Jigna and says Shamsher and I are inviting you for dinner. Himani says we will come, she ends call. Jigna says we will live like old times. Himani says yes.

Roop April 2nd 2019

Bua says to Shamsher one work is done. She calls Kinjal and asks her to go to her aunt’s house, she is ill. She ends call. Kinjal tells Kamla that she is going. Roop calls doctor and asks how is Shamsher? Doctor says reports are normal but dont let him drink anymore. Roop says okay and ends call. He says to Jigna that I will have to pretend to be evil for sometime, Ishika’s reaction was weird, did she hear me? Himani says lets go home and talk to her. Roop says dont let Shamsher know anything. Himani says yes.

Bua comes home and calls Ishika in porch. She shows her utensils and says you insulted us in party so you have to get punished, you will wash utensils of neighbors yourself. Ishika says I am ready to bear any punishment. She starts washing dishes. Roop, Jigna and Himani comes there. Ishika thinks they cheated me too and are with Roop?

PRECAP- Kamla asks Ishika to eat dinner but Ishika says I am not hungry and leaves. Roop gives a note to Ishika which says to meet him on terrace.
Shamsher says to Bua that tonight will be last night of Ishika in this house.