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Roop 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Roop 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Roop 30 April 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Roop full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
Roop comes home with Jigna and Himani. He sees Ishika washing dishes. Ishika thinks that Jigna went on Roop’s side too? She says I dont want to repent and leaves. Bua thinks that I will tell Shamsher that she wont work for anyone now.

Roop 30th April 2019

Roop tries to get Ishika open her room. He says I am sure she didnt listen to my message otherwise she wouldnt act this way. At night, all are eating food. Himani says Shamsher should get best food else he can sue us, all laugh. Jigna asks Kamla where is Ishika? Ishika comes there. Kamla asks her to sit but she says I am not hungry and leaves. Himani says I will take food for her. Roop says no let be hungry.

Roop 30th April

Himani and Jigna comes to Roop. Himani asks him to go and talk to Ishika. Roop says I will drop you both first. Shamsher comes there and says you both will not go. Bua says Shamsher wants us all to enjoy night together. Kamla says but their husbands.. Bua say we talked to them, dont worry, we will sit in porch and enjoy.

Roop 30 April 2019

All family members sit in porch to sleep together. Himani asks him to bring water. Ishika says dont know what is happening, why Roop is doing all this? He didnt even ask me if I had food or not. Roop comes outside Ishika’s room and puts food plate with note there, he leaves. Ishika comes out and sees note. It says to meet him outside at night.

Roop April 30th 2019

At night, Ishika comes out to see everyone sleeping. She comes to Roop, he wakes up and puts hand on her mouth. They both lovingly look at each other. Ishq tha plays. They both start to leave but Bua turns so Roop pulls Ishika down with him. They share eyelock. They silently try to leave but have to keep hiding. Roop pulls her closer and rolls away. They both leave. Shamsher coughs so Roop asks Ishika to leave. He tries to put blanket on Shamsher but Shamsher holds his hand. Roop thinks Ishika is waiting inside, how to go there? Roop tries to pull his hand back bue lies down and falls asleep. Ishika comes and sees him sleeping so she leaves. Shamsher wakes up and gives thumbs up to Bua. Shamsher talks to Bua and says we have to think what to do? Bua says Kinjal is not here. shamsher says I wont let them become one, its Ishika’s final night here.

In morning, Roop thinks to talk to Ishika today. Shamsher comes and says lets go for training. Roop says I have to go later. Shamsher says I will make you meet some officers so come with me. Ishika comes there and says yesterday Roop.. Shamsher says yesterday is gone. He takes Roop from there.

Roop starts his training in police camps. Shamsher cheer for him. Roop wins race. He then wins arm fight. Shamsher is happy. Roop next has to fight in kick-boxing. Roop goes in but gets beaten. Shamsher asks him to fight. Roop beats man and wins fight. Roop gives hand to man and says he is my trainer so I am learning with him not winning. Shamsher hugs him and says he is my son. Shamsher talks to Roop and asks him to talk to Ishika and end all matter as we dont divorce. Roop says thank you for saying that, I will talk and end this matter.

PRECAP- Kinjal cries and tells Ishika that Roop wants me to get married, I want to study before marrying. Ishika says I will do something.
Bua says to Shamsher that Roop will say yes to Kinjal’s wedding and Ishika will go against him.