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Roop 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Roop 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Roop 4 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Roop full show episodes on Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Jigna meeting Manish secretly and tells that she came here hiding. Manish says you have come for me and that’s why I have planned surprise for you. He takes her to see the dining table which he arranged for her. Jigna gets touched. He promises to keep her happy and solves all her problems. He asks her not to leave him. He says you will smile all life, this is my promise. He says I love you and proposes her to live his life with her. He holds her hand and asks her to say yes. Shamsher and Samru come there. Samru comes to the shop and takes the flour. He tells Shamsher that he has kept the flour and asks him to see the beautiful place which reminded him of his village. He asks him to take his pic. Shamsher agrees and asks where to click pic. Samru stands. Shamsher

Roop 4th February 2019

clicks his pic. Samru sees Jigna and Manish and asks Shamsher to click his pic. Shamsher sees Jigna and Manish and gets angry. Samru thinks if he got shocked. Shamsher keeps hand on the gun, but calm down himself and goes. Samru asks what happened and looks at Jigna and Manish, smiles. He goes behind Shamsher. Shamsher goes to his jeep. Samru thinks why his blood didn’t boil up. They leave. Shamsher reaches home and recalls seeing Jigna with Manish. Kamla says you came early today.

Jigna comes there and tries to talk to Shamsher. Shamsher says he wants to be alone. Roop and Ishika come for a walk and talk about Shamsher. Ishika asks did you come here to talk about this. Roop shows her icecream stall. The man at the stall tells that the stall is yours all night. He goes. Ishika says so unlimited icecream all night. Roop says yes and serves her icecream. Ishika gets happy and is eating it. Roop takes her pic and says you are looking good. Ishika smiles and puts lipstick above his lips. Rishta tha plays…..They look at each other. Roop says I want to say you something. Ishika says even I want to say something and says ….your nose gets red in cold. She laughs…and says lets take icecream for everyone. Saawariya plays….while they are going home.

Roop 4 February 2019

Samru and Bua come out of the house to talk. Bua says we got a good chance but nothing happened? Samru says mota kaka must have killed that guy. Bua says how he can be silent seeing his daughter with a guy and says now what shall we do? Roop comes and asks what they are talking? Bua says she came out to shoo away dogs and tries to fool them. Samru says I came to give them roti, else they would have bite us. Bua asks what did you bring? Roop says icecream for everyone and asks them to come.

Next morning, Roop asks Kinjal to just focus on studies. Jigna asks Shamsher to have breakfast. Shamsher tells kamla that some guests are coming and asks her to make arrangements.

In the Police station, Samru sees a Police constable standing on Ranvir’s pic by mistake and gets angry. He controls his anger seeing Shamsher and asks Constable to pick the photo. He picks it. Samru takes the pic and asks him to put on the board. Shamsher looks at Extra marital file. Samru asks why are you upset and says you are great not to react seeing Jigna with that guy. Shamsher asks him to remind him that they have to take something for the guests while going back home.

Kamla tells Shamsher that they have made arrangements to welcome guests and asks him to tell who is coming? Shamsher says you will know in sometime and asks Jigna to change her saree. Guest arrives. Shamsher welcomes the guest. Kamla says Dinesh kumar. Dinesh greets and touches his feet. He then touches Kamla’s feet. Dinesh looks at Roop and Ishika. Kamla asks who is he? Roop says Jigna’s husband.

Roop 5 February 2019

Precap: Roop 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update Shamsher tells Dinesh that Jigna will go with him. Jigna refuses. Roop supports Jigna, but Kamla asks Roop not to interfere as Shamsher is right.