Sasural Simar ka 2: Episode by Episode Review

Sasural Simar Ka has been one of the most loved and talked about shows of the year. The show received rave reviews for its fresh storyline and amazing performances by the actors. It is a concept that has not been explored yet in the industry, and we are glad that Colors managed to do it so beautifully. The show ended on a high note with its ultimate cliffhanger, leaving us wanting more.However, since Colors’ new shows also came along with this one, they had to shift the telecast timings of Simar Ka to an earlier slot. This meant that the story was wrapped up rather quickly in just 21 episodes. But given how fans reacted to it, we can hope for another season in future.For those who have not watched Sasural Simar Ka till now or simply want a refresher on all things related to it; read ahead for our episode by episode review.


Episode 1- Hum Saath Saath Hain

Simar (Surbhi Jyoti) and Vicky (Vicky Goswami) get married shortly after their engagement. The entire family is ecstatic, especially Haldiram (Jatin Goswami) who has high expectations from the newlyweds. Meanwhile, the newlyweds are not so thrilled at the thought of having to live with each other and their families. Will they be able to make the best out of their situation?The episode begins with the SSS (Sasural Simar Ka) gang, who are all very excited because their head is getting married. But most of all, Haldiram is the happiest because now he has someone to listen to his stories. The day of the wedding arrives and the entire family is decked up to attend the shaadi. But before they can leave, they get a call from Simar\’s family who say that they can\’t make it to the wedding.The entire family is shocked, but Haldiram is the most hurt. He thinks that they were the best couple and that it was their fault that they couldn\’t make it. He doesn\’t understand why they couldn\’t come to their house, but they get it.

Episode 2- When Saal, 6 Saamne

Dhuni (Kumkum Bhagat) and Vicky are not too happy when they find out that they will have to live with each other in the same house after getting married. The situation worsens when Dhuni finds out that Vicky is trying to get a job. Dhuni is not ready to let her son leave the house and be away from her. Vicky is not ready to let his mother work, either. Will the newlyweds be able to make amends between each other?After Vicky and Dhuni get married, the show shifts its focus to Vicky and Simar. The newlyweds are now living together with their respective mothers. The entire family seems to be happy, except for Vicky who keeps complaining about the food not being cooked right. On the other hand, Simar is happy with the way things are. She is very excited to live with her husband and be with her family. But Vicky is not so thrilled to be living with his wife and his mother. He is not happy with the food they are cooking and wants to fix the problem on his own.

Episode 3- Dhaakad Dhaakad, Dhak Dhak Dhum

Vicky and Dhuni are not on good terms with each other despite being married for a few months. Dhuni does not let Vicky touch anything in the house and does everything herself. Vicky is not happy with this and decides to talk to Dhuni about this. But he gets a rude reply from her. On the other hand, Simar and Dhuni have a very good relationship and talk about everything. Vicky is upset with Dhuni for not letting him do his job and responds harshly to her. He tells her that he will work and she will not have to do anything. But then he gets a scolding from everyone and feels really bad.

Episode 4- Tum Mere Paas Aao, Bhaiyya!

Vicky invites his friend, Tony (Rajiv Thakur), to stay over with him at his house. When his mother and wife find out, they get very upset. They both feel that Vicky has a problem with them and that he wants to replace them with Tony. They get offended at the thought of their husbands inviting other people over and not caring about them. But they do not want to create a scene in front of Tony. Will Vicky and his mother clear the misunderstanding between them?After Tony visits Vicky\’s house, the show again focuses on Simar. Simar has grown very fond of Tony and is excited to have him around again. On the other hand, Vicky is not so keen on having Tony around his house again. He feels that his mother and wife have a problem with him staying over, so he decides to put an end to it. But his decision angers everyone, including his mother and his wife.

Episode 5- Meri Shagun, Humne Kuch Kiya Hai

Vicky and Dhuni decide to celebrate their first wedding anniversary with a party. They decide to invite their loved ones and even invite Simar\’s parents. They are very excited about the party, but Simar\’s parents decline their invitation and say they cannot make it. Vicky and Dhuni are shocked to hear this, but decide to celebrate anyway. They invite their family members and are happy to have a nice anniversary. But they are surprised when Simar and her parents turn up at the party uninvited.You can expect the show to talk about how Simar\’s parents did not come to the party and how Vicky is upset with them. He will be ready to fight with his mother-in-law and argue with her. On the other hand, Simar\’s mother will be ready to apologise to Dhuni for not coming to their party.

Episode 6- Mera Naam Simar Ka, Tumhe Dekhna Chahunga

The entire family looks forward to Simar\’s birthday party, as they are sure that Simar\’s parents will attend it this time. But they get a rude shock when Simar\’s parents once again do not turn up at the party. Everyone is upset with this and thinks that Simar\’s parents have no respect for them. Vicky is the most upset with them and decides to take the matter into his own hands. He invites Simar\’s parents to his house and decides to bring this matter to an end.

Episode 7- Thoda Sa Pyar, Thoda Sa Shringara!

The show again focuses on Simar and Vicky, who are getting ready for their engagement. Simar\’s mother is very excited about the engagement and even goes out to buy an engagement sari for her daughter. But Vicky is not happy with the idea of getting engaged, as he does not think that he is ready for marriage yet. Will Vicky be ready to get engaged to Simar?After the engagement, the show again shifts its focus to Simar and her mother. The entire family is very excited about the wedding and is getting ready for it. But Simar\’s mother is unwell and will not be able to attend the wedding. She feels bad about this, but she is not able to get better.

Final Verdict

Sasural Simar Ka is a show that you will want to watch every day. It is an amazing show with a lot of love and drama. The actors have done a great job and have acted very well. The story is very good and is quite different from all the other show storylines. We recommend everyone to watch this show and enjoy the amazing storyline and amazing twists.

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