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Shakti 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Shakti 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Shakti 11 June 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Shakti full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Shakti 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on apnetv.co.in
The Episode starts with Soumya wishing good morning to Vedant. Vedant says you are strange, yesterday I made you leave, but you came again. Soumya says she has decorated his room with flowers and opened the windows for the natural light. She says I am your caretaker from today. Vedant gets angry and asks her to throw the flowers. He calls his Servant. Soumya says she will throw it out. Mr. Bansal comes and asks what happened? Soumya says nothing. Vedant tells him that now he understood why he kept kinnar as caretaker. He says he will insult her so badly that she will go crying. Mr. bansal asks him why he kept so much bitterness in him. Vedant asks if love will happen in his heart. Mr. Bansal comes to Soumya and asks her not to lose heart.

Shakti 11th June 2019

Harman asks Raavi and Sindhu to pose selfies with the portraits. aavi asks him to wait till evening. A fb is shown, Soumya comes after bathing. Harman comes and tells that he will make his Gulabo get ready with his hand. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Harman thanks Mata Rani for making his beautiful Gulabo just for him and wishes her happy birthday. Fb ends. She thinks Harman can’t forget my birthday and thinks she wants him to come infront of her and wish her happy birthday Gulabo.

Shakti 11th June

Mr. bansal asks Soumya to serve breakfast if it is ready. Soumya comes to Vedant’s room and asks him to have food in the hall. He says he will have food in the room. Soumya says I will clean the room until you have breakfast. Soumya takes him outside to dining table. Vedant shouts and says he don’t want to have food. Mr. Bansal stops him and asks him to have food. Vedant eats the food. Rajat meets Harak Singh. Harak singh asks what is the matter? Rajat says preeto met your lawyer and got Harman and Soumya’s divorce papers ready. Harak Singh is shocked. Rajat asks him to do something and save the family. Preeto is at Lawyer’s office and forges Harman and Soumya’s signs. Lawyer says divorce paper will be ready. Soumya gets a pic and thinks who is this lady. She keeps the pic in the cupboard. Vedant comes and asks what is she doing ? She says she kept his clothes. He messes up the room. Soumya picks it up. Harman plans to kidnap Soumya and take her home to cut the cake. He thinks how to go inside. He comes to kinnar’s house to kidnap her, but Soumya is not in the room. He peeps in Saya’s room, but Saya is sleeping alone. Harman gets worried for Soumya. He searches her in the house.

Shakti 11 June 2019

Harman collides with table and the glass and jug fall down. Kinnars wake up shouting thief. Saya comes out hearing the noise. They see Harman’s face. Harman says I thought Gulabo is here. Saya says you are here at this time and asks why did you hide your face? Harman says I came to kidnap my wife and asks where is she?

Soumya asks Vedant to have medicine and says then she will go home. Vedant refuses to drink. Mr. bansal says I will make him drink. Soumya insists to make Vedant drink medicine. Vedant refuses and asks her to stand right there. Soumya asks Mr. bansal to go.

Saya asks Harman why he is doing enmity with Soumya to kidnap her. Chameli says we don’t hope this from you. Harman asks where is Soumya? Saya says she is not at home. Saya asks what did she do now that I got to see your this avatar. Harman asks if she wants to know and asks her to come with him. He asks her to sit in his car. Saya sits in his car. They leave. Other kinnars look on. Soumya asks Vedant to sleep. She requests him to drink and says I will go home. He says if I sleep. Soumya says I will wake you up and will constantly asks you to take the syrup. Door bell rings, Sindhu, her husband and Raavi open the door.

Precap: Saya calls Soumya and asks her to come fast, says Harman did your birthday arrangements. Soumya says she can’t come. Next day, he brings cake for Soumya.